Archived: ‘Myths and Lies’ Come from Left and Right


From the extreme right and lunatic Minuteman fringe we find this by John Perrazo in Friday, July 25, 2008.

Raoul Lowery Contreras

Myth/Lie number 1…“Last week, columnist Paul Weyrich reported that there is credible evidence that Osama Bin Laden has acquired twenty suitcase-sized nuclear bombs from Chechen in the former Soviet Union and smuggled them into the United States by way of the Mexican border.”

If it were true that Osama Bin Laden’s minions had smuggled 20 – count them – 20 “suitcases sized nuclear bombs” they would have come through the Canadian border not across the Mexican border.

This I know because I was on a bus last year in which ICE agents climbed aboard 50 yards short of the border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana with a Geiger Counter and walked right up to an individual sitting in the middle of the bus. They asked him to step off for a quick conversation. He had a pacemaker, a pacemaker radiating tiny bits of radiation.

Those were detected by sophisticated equipment run by U.S. government agents in the one place on the border that could possibly be used to smuggle a nuke through it. Hidden as it could be among the 50,000 cars and trucks that cross from Mexico into the US every day from Tijuana.

Myth/lie number 2…From the extreme left and lunatic Obama fringes we find this by Dave Morris in the June 23 edition of the ultra-leftist THE NATION magazine.

“Percentage of US combat troops who are Latino: 17.5 percent. Percentage of the US population that is Latino: 14.8 percent.”

As for the obvious leftwing attack of a Bush government taking “advantage” of poor Latinos, notice should be taken of page four of that Nation edition and the masthead that lists everyone working for The Nation down to and including interns.

Of the 131 names listed on the masthead, 4 are Spanish surnames or a grand total of 2.2519 percent. There are more Arab names listed than Spanish names.
The Nation magazine’s mendacity is betrayed by facts. First we have an all-volunteer armed force. Secondly, Hispanic “yoots” generally being of a macho persuasion tend to volunteer for the Army and Marine Corps. Few Latinos join the Navy or Airforce despite brilliant fighter pilot histories in WWII, Korea and Vietnam by Navy, Marine and Army Air Corps/Force Hispanic pilots that shot down as many as 26 WWII Japanese planes (Lt. Cmdr Eugenio Valencia).

They want to fight, that’s why they join. Benefits mean little to 18-year-olds. But jumping out of airplanes, skulking behind enemy lines and charging through desert battlefields whacking the people who killed so many of us on 9/11 fit into the mindsets of those 18-year-olds. It always has.

In 1862, Confederates invaded New Mexico on their way to Colorado’s silver mines planning to fill the Confederate treasury that was otherwise limited to bales of cotton waiting to be smuggled to England.

The Confederates took the New Mexico capitol without firing a shot. They replenished their 400 supply wagons and headed north. At Val Verde they encountered the New Mexico Militia with Hispanic Regiments and defeated them. The New Mexicans withdrew to the only pass through the Rocky Mountains the Confederates could take to Colorado, Glorietta Pass.

There, a couple of Colorado volunteer militia regiments joined the New Mexicans to fight the Confederates bearing down on them.

The Battle of Glorietta Pass began with the Confederates carrying the battle for the first day. The second day, they were carrying the day again. During the previous night, however, Militia Lt. Colonel Manuel Chaves led a group of experienced Indian fighters through a blizzard of epic proportions up and over the Rocky Mountains.

They discovered the 400 Confederate supply wagons and destroyed them, their mules and killed all the drivers less one. They allowed him to escape to inform his commanders that they were foodless, munition-less, horse and mule-less. The Confederates walked back to Texas starving on the way.

Chaves was born a Mexican citizen and became an American citizen by a treaty between Mexico and the United States when the US won the Mexican War.

Chaves was an original American Hispanic who fought for the United States. Latinos fight for the United States like Chaves did because they want to; apparently America’s leftists aren’t capable of understanding that. Hispanics understand.

Only a few of them whine about poor understood poverty stricken Latino “yoots” being taken advantage of by the mean and cruel “neo-cons” of Bush.

So, whom should we believe — Lt. Colonel Manuel Chaves and the Latino Marines at Fallujah or The Nation Magazine that doesn’t think well enough of Latinos to hire more than one editorial board member, two freelance writers and one intern out of 131 staffers?

I vote for the macho 18-year-old Latino Marines at Fallujah.

Raoul Lowery Contreras anchors and produces “News & Views 61” on San Diego’s Channel 61.

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