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Archived: Editorial: Garbage Pails Are a Foul Idea

Adding insult to injury, the Los Angeles City Council has not only raised trash collection fees by thirty percent but it is also trying to make city residents work harder for the privilege of paying more. Yes, the Council voted on Tuesday of this week to start a pilot program of returning the city’s residents to garbage cans. The same type of trash containers they once said were inefficient, costly, labor intensive and just no good. They promised manually dumped trash cans were a thing of the past.

Is there no shame?!

Not only are residents being asked to collect table scraps and kitchen waste into city issued green garbage pails, but now the city is asking that they be kept in the home.

Unless you’ve lived through the time when L.A. residents had to separate garbage into garbage cans, which many homeowners failed to wash and instead allowed them to turn into maggot infested smelly containers, you’ll probably think this isn’t too bad an idea. But those of us who remember the smelly laborious mess of days past are here to tell you this latest City Hall boondoggle is a very foul idea.