Archived: Editorial: Get Over It and Put the MTA Sales Tax on the Ballot


Elected officials in the county of Los Angeles are like a dysfunctional family. In this type of family, every member receives a birthday present even though it’s only one person’s birthday. Every member of the family must get a new pair of shoes even though only one member needs shoes. Members of the Board of Supervisors are refusing to place an MTA sales tax measure on the November 4 ballot.

Why? Because they don’t want the MTA to invest any funds generated if the measure passes where the need is most critically needed. Instead, they want an equal slice of the pie to go to each district. Period.

We understand that during these times when county residents are being hurt by high gasoline prices, escalating food costs and growing unemployment, escalating the area’s sales tax does not at first glance seem reasonable. But the fact is that better public transportation, streets in good repair and other transit improvements are desperately needed, and a hike in the county’s sales tax will allow for a better pay as you go method for local transit projects. It’s better than further mortgaging the county’s future more than it already is.

Is forcing MTA CEO Roger Snoble to sue to force the sales tax measure on the November 4 consolidated measure the only sensible way to give the voters a say on the measure? We don’t think so. Having a separate ballot is a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

Put the measure on the ballot.

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