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Our American values and our role as a leader in the world is why, “anything that goes on in the world is our business.”  America is the only country that can and will intervene. In the past two decades we have led coalitions that liberated Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and now Iraq. I don’t believe Senator McCain is enthusiastic about war, he recognize evil. America is not perfect, we have made mistakes but our freedom and success as a leader comes from the fact that we have a moral backbone.

In your article you state, “There is no reason to see that (Iran’s supposed ambitions to become a nuclear power) as a threat to the American people. With Russia and China you have MAD (mutual assured destruction) which translates to, if you bomb us we will bomb you. Russians and Chinese want to live. MAD does not work with Iran’s government or Islamic extremist, because they value death more than they value life.  They teach hate, to kill and to die so that they can be with Allah.  They want a bomb not to deter us but to kill us.  The Iranian government often states that they want to exterminate Israelis and Americans.
Regarding other statements you made, the United States did believe Saddam had WMD’s and that’s why we did attack him, where have you been?  We learned a lesson from Iraq, that is why we should stop Iran from acquiring WMD’s. We tried talking to them, we tried sanctions and they will not let inspectors in, nothing has worked.

Lastly, you state the United States should not intervene, we should have free trade and be at peace. Well, even Obama wants to intervene (with talks), free trade is being denied to Colombia our ally by the Democratic Congress and sometimes war is the answer.

Isabel Falcon Talab, LA Canada Flintridge 91011

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