Archived: Editorial: Legislators Left Town, Ask Californians if They Care


The state of California is now two and one half months behind in approving a budget.
And while state workers are to all intents and purposes working in uncertain times, and some state contractors are facing delayed payments, the sky has not fallen.

Legislators took a vacation for a couple of weeks, but it isn’t as if their offices were inundated with earth shattering state needs. In fact, many of the state’s residents didn’t even know they were gone.

In fact, to many their absence was a relief, because they knew that as long as the legislature is not in session, they won’t be doing too much harm.

And while they’ve also been busy passing countless pieces of legislation—laws they say are desperately needed—the governor has been letting them pile up on his desk until there is a budget.

Californians, it seems, are really disgusted that the governor and the legislature can’t seem to figure out how to adopt a budget that most Californians can live with.

Maybe, just maybe, Sacramento will take the hint that Californians would just as well have them adopt quarterly interim budgets based on 2007-2008 budget numbers indefinitely until the state is forced into Chapter 7 by its citizens.

But that seems unlikely since there are no real consequences for their failed leadership.
It’s almost as if state legislators and the governor fell through Alice’s looking glass. But this isn’t fantasy, it’s the sad reality of state politics.

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