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Archived: Editorial: We Remember Two Special Days in History

Each year for the past seven years, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations begin around the same time as the somber remembrance of 9/11, tempting many to believe that both commemorations should be mutually exclusive.

But they are not. Both days commemorate days when attacks on a country’s freedoms and human rights inspired its people to heights of extreme heroism, pain and determination.

On 9/11, those who hate America for its remarkable ability to take in diverse peoples, with different languages, beliefs, ethnicities and religions, and meld them into a great democracy and world power, attacked us in hopes of shaking our very foundation, and crippling our position in the world.

Hispanic Heritage begins with the commemoration of Mexican Independence Day on September 16. This day is special because Mexico, under foreign rule for 400 years, finally managed to throw off the yoke of servitude, denial of religious freedom and self-determination for its diverse population of natives, immigrants and people of mixed races.

We could continue the discussion of what the aftermath of 9/11 has been in the U.S. and, what the aftermath of the Mexican Revolution has been to Mexico. But, suffice is to say both 9/11 and the 16th of September are worthy of our remembrance and honor, because both represent a point in history when people delved deep within themselves to stand proud and determined.