Archived: Editorial: State Senators Fixated on Maldonado


If the fiasco over passing a state budget weren’t so serious, it would be hilarious.

As of press time, the state Senate was fixated on state Senator Abel Maldonado as the only one whose vote could save California by voting in favor of the budget plan filled with new taxes, program cuts, and borrowing.

Members of the legislature have proposed not voting for the budget proposal on the table, but to instead deal with the budget crisis by adopting a temporary budget: six months to be exact. Another proposal would cut all scheduled increases to state programs until the state’s revenues increase. We point these out as some of the many other solutions that if seriously considered could help break the budget stalemate, and allow members of the legislature to go back and work on longer term solutions to the budget that can include federal stimulus money coming down the pike.

The proposed increases in state personal income tax rates, along with increases in the sales tax, will be an overwhelming burden that may kill many small and Sub Chapter S businesses already struggling to hang on. If they fail, thousands of workers are sure to lose their jobs and the state will lose even more hard to come by revenue.

We suggest state Democratic senators reconsider these tax increases in the budget.

We believe the state cannot solve the state budget shortfall with cuts alone or without some tax increases. Republicans must face this reality and compromise on some of the taxes proposed.  For years, Democrats and Republicans have played games with the budget: increasing expenditures through gimmicks and tricks, and at levels higher than revenue increases. They must stop playing games and pass a budget.

As for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s time he stops his cruel and repeated threats to furlough state workers, and starting sowing some real leadership.

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