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For the Record: In Gloria Angelina Castillo’s article “Churchgoers Ask AQMD to Save Them from Pollution,” published Feb. 5, 2009. EGP incorrectly identified Fr. John Moretta as Rev. John Murrieta.

Some readers also contacted us to take issue with the headline of Castillo’s story, noting that the meeting in question was for the entire community, not just “churchgoers”:

“I’m not a member of Resurrection Church, but I went to the meeting, …” Teresa Marquez told EGP by phone. “To say it was just for churchgoers is a disservice to Fr. Moretta,” she added.
“The meeting was for everyone in the community. Your writer missed the point that we are fed up with being the dumping ground for chemicals and pollution,” said a caller named Mary.

Re: Churchgoers Ask AQMD to Save Them from Pollution
Don’t Be Misled by Vernon
We have yet to see whether the AQMD will help us but one thing is clear: Vernon and their representative Hector Elizalde aren’t trying to save anyone. In fact they are doing the opposite. Elizalde’s statement to the Comet that the Vernon Power Plant will “produce 80 percent lower emissions than existing power plants” while a true statement is a conscious attempt to mislead the public into thinking that the plant will benefit the Southeast region. …
… Whether it is called the Vernon Power Plant or the Southeast Region Energy Project as Vernon cleverly renamed it to sound less like a power plant, this 943 megawatt monolith will not improve air quality. …
The people in the communities of Southeast Los Angeles are not opposed to energy generation or cleaner power plants. We are opposed to any project that harms the health of our children and our families. … Jason Stinnett, Commerce Resident

Re: Taylor Ranch and Whittier Boulevard Projects Get $9 Million by Elizabeth Hsing-Huei Chou, Pub. Feb. 5, 2009:
I want to call attention to the city of Montebello’s Bond Report for the $9 million bond which said that the uses cited in your article were “recommendations,” and the bonds could be used by the Redevelopment Agency “anywhere… anytime…for any reason the redevelopment agency deems necessary.” According to Ariel Socorras, this is standard bond language. This is why we are very suspicious about the uses of this bond. … Michael W. Popoff of Save the Mtb Hills TF

Re: Residents Express Fondness For LAPD Captain by Paul Aranda, Jr. Pub. Feb. 5. 2009

Let’s face the truth. Captain Blake Chow may have listened to some but others were disregarded without merit. … Give credit where credit is due, to the community that in the last few years has come forward to report crime in the areas where they live. Those who are just feed up with all the graffiti, crime, killing and drug sales in their neighborhoods. … Victoria Bailer-Torres of Boyle Heights

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  1. Funny we all remember Victoria Torres as a disruptive communitymember who didn’t want to help solve our neighborhood problems. Hmmm maybe thats why nobody listened to her..

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