Archived: Editorial: A Quieter Cinco de Mayo Offers Time for Reflection


It seems that this year’s annual Cinco de Mayo observations may be a lot quieter than usual. Perhaps it is the bad economy that has taken a toll on local festivities, causing businesses and individuals to rethink their usual Cinco de Mayo celebration investments.
Whatever the reason, as far as we are concerned, quieter observances this year are not necessarily a bad thing.

This year we have the opportunity to delve further into the historical significance of Cinco de Mayo to the Mexican Americans of the Southwest, and California in particular.

Dr. Daniel Hayes-Bautista has written a series of articles (see Part I on front page) that give a different perspective into why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo so enthusiastically in California and the U.S., and go beyond the common recitation of the impact of Cinco de Mayo on Mexico, the traditional theme we have become accustomed to recalling.

This year, as part of the annual tribute to the holiday, special attention has been given to provide our readers profiles, events and celebrations to be celebrated by Los Angeles County residents, as well as a new perspective into the notion that Cinco de Mayo is also an American holiday, and part of the country’s long struggle against slavery.

We look forward to our readers enjoying our special Cinco de Mayo coverage.

Viva el Cinco de Mayo!

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