Archived: Editorial: Bed Bugs Aren’t the Only Blood Suckers


Why should any of us be surprised that the United States is now in the midst of a bed bug infestation?

The little bloodsuckers are only following the trend of other bloodsuckers now preying on Americans.

From banking institutions selling unaffordable mortgages to Wall Street institutions selling worthless financial instruments packaged to attract Wall Street denizens so they could rake in billions of dollars while destroying equity and pensions and the net worth of working Americans; to state and local governments now loading more taxes and fees on wage earners to make up for budget shortfalls, can you blame the little brown bugs from joining in on the blood feasting?

After all, it does seem to have become America’s new great past time.
Yesterday was Tax Day, the April 15 deadline to pay federal and state income taxes. Countless numbers of Americans who have lost their jobs, or seen their stock portfolios, retirement and pension plans, college savings accounts and home values plummet, or who had pulled funds out of these accounts early to make ends meet, found themselves struggling to figure out how to pay the government what they now owe.

While it may be easy to say at least they had some resources to call on, doing so would ignore the fact that many of these same people are quickly falling into the ranks of the poor, working or not. And for many of them, because they did at one time have more money, eligibility for assistance programs may be a long way off.

So, as budgets worsen and blood sucking bed bugs become well established in the U.S., we can’t help but expect that a new kind of vampire will soon be spotted lurking in dark hallways all over the U.S., searching for their blood supply.

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