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Re: “An Unknown Future for Century-Old Church” by Paul Aranda, pub. Apr. 23, 2009
As co-chair of the commission that is now managing the Faith United Presbyterian Church property at the corner of Figueroa and Avenue 53 for the San Gabriel Presbytery, I would like to thank you for the two articles you published about the Faith United congregation’s closing and its final service.  While the closing of the Faith United congregation is certainly a sad event for all concerned, there is still much going on at the property. There are Spanish-language and English-language congregations that will continue to worship there; the on-going bi-weekly food ministry; the offices of the North Figueroa Association; and the charter school, Academia Avance, whose student body comes primarily from the surrounding neighborhoods.

I would like to suggest that you do a follow up-article later in May so we can share with you and your readers all that is going on there as well as our vision for the property.

Fried Wilson
Co-Chair, San Gabriel Presbytery Administrative Commission for the Faith United Church Property

Re: Meeting the Basic Welfare of Society by William F. Schulz, pub. April 30, 2009
The editorial of William F. Schulz concerning Universal Health Care is “pie in the sky.”  Every American needs to look into what former Senator Tom Daschle’s plan involves before buying into what is really “Murder by Legislation.”

According to Mr. Daschle, Senior Citizens have had their lives and should not expect to have medical procedures that would in many instances return most to full health…

With limited access to life-saving health care, the next step will likely be to introduce mandatory euthanasia to rid society of other inconvenient people who are too costly to keep alive – disabled infants, the young/middle age with catastrophic illnesses, critically injured accident/crime victims and the mentally ill.

Before Americans jump on the bandwagon to hail Universal Health Care as a fix to our health care crises, do we really want to wait months to schedule critical surgeries…?

…Americans need to contact their elected officials and demand to know exactly what is really in the Universal Health Care package and what it will mean to them and to their loved ones.

… just remember, elected officials and their families will continue to have access to the best doctors and top hospitals as long as they shall live, whenever needed,  regardless of the procedure involved and the cost.
Isn’t it ironic how the people who work for “we the people” won’t be part of near zero health care – just their bosses?

Margie Tiritilli

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