Archived: The Move to Blame Taxpayers Is On


Next Tuesday May 19th is Election Day in the state of California.

According to city and county clerks throughout the state, there is little hope that the polls will see more than 15-20 percent of voters’ cast ballots.

Both the Governor and State Legislature are pinning their hopes on passage of Propositions 1A-1F passing in order to get the state’s growing budget deficit somewhat into balance. We say somewhat because with every passing week the state’s budget deficit seems to grow by a billion or so more dollars.

Election pundits are predicting that Propositions 1A-1F will probably fail, and who can blame the voters for their lack of trust that these propositions will end Sacramento’s dependence on more and more taxes.

Of course now that the voters are venting their frustration and “sending the Governor and State Legislature a message,” we are now hearing these same people blaming the voters for the calamity that supposedly will follow instead of themselves for the state’s descent into poverty.

It is our hope that the Governor and Legislature will try to redeem their reputations by making a sincere effort to save services the public depends on, and not proceed to protect the special interests they have kowtowed too — gas, oil, telecommunications, agribusiness, labor and government employees — in the past, over the interests of residents and the average taxpayer.

Who knows? There’s always room for hope.

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