Archived: Editorial: No Immigration Reform No Census Count Campaign A Very Bad Idea


Eastern Group Publications received a Spanish language press release yesterday titled  “No Census Without Legalization.”

Remember the old phrase “Cutting off your nose to spite your face?” That is exactly what this ill-conceived and misguided campaign amounts to:  hurting undocumented immigrants to spite the people they believe hold the fate of the very same people in their hands.

Threatening to not cooperate with the 2010 US Census Count will do little to achieve the goals they purport to support; comprehensive immigration reform and legal status for people in the country without permission.
What it will do, should it succeed, is ensure that the very people who need the services and representation that an accurate Census count can achieve by bringing needed funds to California will not get them.

At risk from a Census undercount is the number of U.S. House of Representative seats that will be allocated to the state of California. A seat lost in California will surely undermine the number of votes the state can deliver to support comprehensive immigration reform when a vote finally comes.

How can that make sense to the groups advocating this ridiculous act?

Also, by refusing to be counted, California’s share of federal dollars that pay for things like schools and healthcare for children — many who are the US born children of undocumented immigrants — will decrease. So, the very families that are already struggling will suffer an even greater lack of services resulting from a lower population count if immigrants, legal or otherwise, refuse to be counted.

Our share of funds for housing, clean water, police, Medicare, transportation and more will be cut. Does this make any sense?

We do not believe this is the way to push immigration reform. If the supporters of this initiative think they can blackmail legislators into supporting legislation to achieve immigration reform by threatening to not be counted, and causing the same legislators to lose money for their districts, they are not living in the real world.

There are those in this country who would be happy to see the funding reduced for community work grants, education, health services and other programs, Those services are funded based on population numbers. They would love to see services to the US born children of undocumented immigrants, and all poor people for that matter, go away.

We suggest those advocating for non-cooperation with the 2010 US Census count if there is no immediate immigration reform stop this totally senseless move and instead focus their attention on achieving real and positive reforms.

When you cut off your nose, it is your face that will hurt.

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  1. California Eric on

    AMAZING. Think about this. If people like Delaware Bob weren’t having relations with their own children and procreating then we wouldn’t have to worry about such STUPID, RACIST comments being spewed on this board. When we get rid of DELAWARE BOB and his cohorts, we get rid of all the problems that go with them. They are destroying this country, and if you can’t see that, you need a prescription refill.

  2. AMAMZING. Think about this. If the ILLEGAL ALIENS were not in this Country, we wouldn’t even have to worry about counting them. I say ENFORCE the law and get these ILLEGAL ALIENS out of this Country. When we get rid of the ILLEGAL ALIENS, we will get rid of all the problems that go with them. They are destroying this Country, and if you can’t see that, you need glasses.

  3. You are mostly correct , however we are all a Buisiness oportunity in a true capitalism. These hard working good people love us , they thought they were part of us, prior to our post 911 Paranoia!

    Bottom line hard labor is the backbone of our strong economy!
    (These people are hard working & proud! I have never seen a single Hispanic person panhandle!)

    Our prosperity was built on it & will once again be repaired by it, once the upper classes will simply allow us!
    (Bail outs & stimulus packages are only treating the symtoms of our E-verify/E-conomic problem & will only make it harder on our prosperity!)

    I love to work hard as do these good Hispanic people, I have worked with them all of my life, they are my brothers!

    America is good!

    E-verify & The un-beleivable I.C.E Program have crashed our E-conomy!

    I do believe in controlling our borders! (Both of them!)

    It is time to unite & show the world!

    I do not under stand how anyone with an ounce of American blood running throug their veins has been able to stand by & watch what has been done to these good people so far!

    Bravo to you, & please do sound off America! We are good!

    P.S. “Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone! ” J.C.

    Sincerely: Me

  4. Bravo! We need to look at immigration as a business opportunity.
    By LEASING citizenship.
    Look at expanding the Guest Worker or SAW programs. People pay a fixed amount for a guest worker “Temporary Citizenship” ID & Temp Worker SSAN.
    The initial fee is small, the money comes from income taxes and the money that would normally be earmarked for unemployment taxes (personnel and employer) would go to help fund state programs.
    One of the key points is that if you are born in the U.S. you do not automatically become a citizen, But you go to the front of the line.
    Temp Citizen FEE: $800 (matching $800 paid by employers)
    Good for 5 years. Renewel fee: $500.
    15,000,00 immigrants x $2100 over the next 10 years= $31,500,000,000
    Thats right BILLION! Now lets talk Immigration reform America.
    Born in the US Citizen application Fee $300.
    Sound OFF! America.

  5. To anyone in
    America that has not noticed that the current Global recession matches the E-vil E-verify Law & the Adolph Hiltler like I.C.E Program month for month, that attacked & persecuted millions of good Hispanic people that had been here for many years, had American citizen children & were the hard labor back bone of our Country, Please keep your head up there & stay under your rock!

    Millions of peoples homes were vacated & went into forclosure overnight & the rest of the hard working Americans like myself have been paying for approx: 1 million government employees to do absolutely nothing since the E-verify went into E-fect!

    The U.S. Census Bureau conted these immigrants as citizens all along and has allready based the size of our Goivernment services on these people~! This is why the hardest hit States are the ones that lost the most good commonlaw Hispanic Citizens! (Get a clue!)

    The only way to end this Depression is to get the good hard working people back to work! Idiots!

    An 1840’s French Historian said: “America is great because it is good. When is ceases to be good it ceases to be great!”

    Hello E-verify,I.C.E. & Pinko Arpio!

    The voice of right & reason!

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