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Archived: For the Record

In EGP’s editorial “TARP Funds: Helping the Rich Stay That Way” (pub. 10/22/09), EGP listed AEG as a company that had received TARP/bailout money from the federal government. That was incorrect. The company that received the funds was insurance giant AIG, which over the last couple of weeks political observers and economists have stated is unlikely to ever return those funds to taxpayers. AEG, on the other hand, is the owner of the Staples entertainment complex in downtown Los Angeles that was unwilling to reimburse the city of Los Angeles for any of the costs incurred for providing policing services during the Michael Jackson Memorial.

White Memorial Medical Center has changed its visitation policy since our story on the response by hospitals to the H1N1 was first published on 10/22/09. The hospital now says it will only allow visitors age 16 and older.