Archived: Marijuana: Treat Like Every Other Controlled Medication, Or Tax It


The latest uproar over Los Angeles’ medical marijuana ordinance. Threats of prosecution from County District Attorney Steve Cooley, debates over where both federal and state law stand on the issue, and impassioned pleas, have everyone in a tizzy over how to best control the growing number of marijuana dispensaries in the city.

The tone of the debate is as ridiculous as any controversy we have ever experienced in this state.

The people running the medical marijuana dispensaries are not fooling anyone. They are running a business and are in it for the financial gain. Without the profit incentive, there would not have been the rush to open 800 or so such facilities over the last year in the city. That being said, if allowed to continue to operate, the marijuana dispensaries should be taxed like any other business.

As far as we are concerned, however, if you are going to treat pot like a medication, then it should be handled like every other controlled medication, requiring a legitimate doctor’s prescription that can be filled at a local pharmacy, or some other regulated facility, such as a hospital.

We don’t have oxycontin dispensaries or vicodin dispensaries, so why do we have pot dispensaries?
People whose only pain relief comes from marijuana should have to go to their local pharmacy to get a months supply for their medical need.

This would quickly solve the problem of too many pot outlets and take away the incentive to sell pot on the underground market.

People in pain should not be required to grow their own medicine and do what ever else needs to be done to it before it can be used. Lets just turn the whole problem over to the system already in place that regulates, processes and dispenses our other controlled substances.

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  1. The author states, “We don’t have oxycontin dispensaries or vicodin dispensaries, so why do we have pot dispensaries?”
    Ever been to South Florida? We do have oxycotin dispensaries. Check out this link:

    Hate big government? Don’t complain about marijuana dispensaries. This is “State’s Rights” at its finest. The people wanted it, the people got it. None of this was allowed to happen without a majority vote.

  2. Some states sell alcohol at designated facilities and other states let grocery stores sell this drug. Some state sell permits to citizens to offset any expenses that are more likely to occur than not. Want to get into the business of marijuana how about $500 a year, just a casual user then how about a $100 for a two-year permit. Grow it yourself or buy it from someone with a green thumb. But to have to go to a hospital for some smoke, jeez how far some peoples heads are up their own butts is so uniquely American, wow.

  3. Simple choice.

    You can argue the pro and con points all day long and you will still be left with the fact that either the drug gangs or the gov’t will distribute cannabis. You can talk about messages, children, age appropriate access, the law is the law, what part about illegal don’t you understand, addiction, family problems, etc…but the bottom line is that cannabis will be distributed…either by the drug gangs or the gov’t…but someone will distribute cannabis. People want it. That’s how cannabis became the largest cash crop in 14 states. All under the noses of the police, dea, cia, border patrol, and (insert laugh here) GED educated homeland security personnel (seriously, that’s all they require…a GED, scary).

    Like the system currently in place? Then the drug gangs get to distribute. Want something different? Then the gov’t gets to distribute. Cannabis will be distributed. Who do you want to do it? I say keep the drug gangs out, legalize, regulate, and collect taxes.

    See? Simple.

  4. Good Story:

    Let’s go one step further and make it OTC like aspirin.

    Tylenol,(acetaminophen) remains the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S., sending 56,000 people to the emergency room annually FDA.,2933,529578,00.html

    Yes or No and details if Yes: Can anyone show me one case where somebody has overdosed on cannabis?

  5. It it treated differently because doctors can’t actually “prescribe” marijuana. The fact that it remains a schedule 1 controlled substance means it has no medical value and therefore it can only be recommended. Until the federal government acknowledges the vast amount of medicinal value marijuana has it will have to be treated separately. Marijuana needs to be taxed and regulated for medicinal and recreational uses. Why is a plant that has never caused cancer or a single death and has more uses than any other plant in the world illegal? The laws were corrupt when the were proposed and they still are now. I think the police are so up in arms about this is because it would take all of their easy work away. They wouldn’t be able to search a car just because of the smell anymore, they would actually have to start focusing on bigger crimes, and they would also lose a substantial amount of money. The cops are hypocrites they are the ones in the fight for the profit, not the dispensaries.

  6. Pot should be legalized and taxed, and controlled the way alcohol is. The tax money could be used to offset debts.

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