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One hundred and ten billion texts were sent last year and the number continues to grow.

Here in the U.S., text messaging was the reported cause of a major commuter train collision. Who knows how many auto-texting accidents have been caused by distracted drivers unable to wait until they stop to send or read a text.

Leave it to Americans to grab onto whatever new technology comes along. There are laws and stiff penalties for placing a hand-held cell phone to your ear while driving, yet people are hooked not only to 24-hour news but also to 24/7 talking. But even that’s changing due to text messaging.

It’s gotten to the point that the only thing that Americans are not constantly using is face-to-face communication with their families, neighbors and even businesses. Texting is taking over, stifling how we interact.

We suppose that the reason for this phenomenon and lack of interaction with each other is that it is probably less demanding. You can fire someone via email, break someone’s heart via text messaging all without having to hear the person cry.

In the midst of the HINI epidemic, government health agencies in places like the City and County of Los Angeles, along with the electronic media kept repeating the same messages, “…for more information for locations on where to get the HINI vaccine visit our Web site.” People are being told to register to get information they need via text, rather than the old fashioned way, calling and asking.

Little thought seems to have been given to the fact that this was not possible for many of our residents. To the neophyte text senders it can come as a rude surprise that the English language has now become a new language and that correct spelling is now a thing of the past as text speak takes over as our primary mode of communication.
Many in our country are now text-speak illiterates. Civilization seems to take two steps forward and one step back and this is that step back.

Perhaps we can start a conversation club for those who still want to meet-and-greet each other, sort of like an AA group for conversationalists.

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