Archived: EDITORIAL: Airport Body Scans: Another Slap at Our Freedoms


We’ve said it before and we are saying it again: Our Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves because of the way Americans continue to relinquish their freedoms in order to feel safe.

The latest technology aimed at air travelers is so called “full body imaging.” This technology has to be the most degrading and offensive technology Americans have ever had to endure.

Yet we will endure it, and sadly, for the most part willingly.

Will parents simply shake their heads when their young adolescents are subjected to full body imaging? Can there be anything more intrusive that travelers can be subjected to? For the travelers who must wear special medical devices that will now be revealed on imaging machines, the notion of airport travel must now fill them with dread, and humiliation that none of us can imagine.

What upsets us is that full body imaging will not find all illegal and/or dangerous substances that “terrorists” may develop, or all the substances that may be carried in body cavities.

The fact is that 99.9 percent of travelers are not terrorists. Thoroughly trained airport personnel should realistically be able to spot suspicious behavior at a glance, or with a little added diligence and the scanning hardware already in place.

Yes, we agree, there are certain travelers who should be given further scrutiny before boarding a plane. It is foolish to think otherwise.

For years, Israelis have employed close scrutiny, interviews and searches as part of their strategy that has successfully deterred terrorists from boarding planes bound for Israel. Why can’t the U.S. use the same strategy?

If the U.S. subjects all airline passengers to full body scanning and a terrorist still slips through the system, then we may soon all find ourselves having to enter U.S. bound flights stark naked.

Where does it all end? With the loss of all our freedoms for the sake of some false sense of safety?
We hope not.

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