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California Water Crisis? Why?… I am just a regular gal, a wife, a mom, owner of a small business and live in Southern California. So why am I angry? Why do I care about the lack of water in Central California? This is why…. The Central Valley was once the breadbasket of our Nation, rich in agriculture it exported 90percent of the fresh fruits and vegetables our Country consumed. Today, this valley is turning into a “Dust Bowl” desert. Families who once worked this farmland used to enjoy their homes and community but are now unemployed. These people are now in food lines watching their livelihood turn into a virtual wasteland. Several of the Central Valley towns now have up to 40 percent unemployment. Hispanics should be outraged! A majority of the unemployed are immigrants that worked the fields with a temporary work permit, the rest are permanent residents. Where are all of the Activist groups? Why are they not shouting at the top of their lungs about this injustice? I do not hear them… just silence.

I realize we have had dry conditions, I understand we have an old water delivery system that needs to be repaired and updated. However the majority of this problem is a man-made water crisis created by Congress, the Environmental Defense Fund and other environmentalist groups. Due to their efforts they have helped turn off the pumps that supply drinking water to 25 million people in Southern California and the Central Valley farmland which produces the food we eat. Politicians and environmentalist are cutting off the water supply under the pretense of saving a two inch fish called the Delta Smelt. Some of our water is now being diverted to the San Francisco Bay Area to save this fish but this water diversion has done nothing to increase the population of the fish.

Do Bay area politicians really care about this fish? What happened to this State?
What about people first? What is the real agenda behind these environmentalists and Bay area politicians?

The benefits to Bay area politicians Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer who all live in the Bay area are obvious. The Bay area is their territory! When they take our water and divert it to the San Francisco Bay area free of charge, this additional water equals increased building and job growth for that area. Why, because water equals prosperity.

Where water flows money goes. This is all about money! If it was really about the environment then the Obama administration, the EPA, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer would be going nuts that Bay area cities are dumping raw sewage into the Bay-Delta! Why don’t they say and do something about this sewage that is destroying the Delta environment and killing the fish? Because they do not give a rip about the fish, they only care about the water. Water equals “money.”

Central Valley Farmers and 25 million Southern California residents are paying more for water because Bay Area politicians are taking the water we have paid for and sending it to the ocean. Congressman Devin Nunes (R) presented legislation 7 times in 2009 to turn the pumps back on and 7 times the Democrats in Congress blocked his Bills. In the meantime farms and southern California jobs are drying up and all of us are paying more for less water.

So back to the point why should you or I care? Because this affects our pocket books! These politicians are causing higher food prices and higher unemployment in California. This insanity must stop!

So here is the call to action. This June and November, make a difference! I will let my wrath out on my Ballot and I encourage you to do the same. Together we can make a difference. If any candidate puts fish and bugs before Women and children, I will vote them out. Let’s vote in people that can help Congressmen

Nunes get those pumps turned on!

I will meet you at the polls. &

Teresa Hernandez is a small business owner in Southern California, a mother of four and former Congressional candidate.

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