Archived: Editorial: The Silly Game on Confirming Maldonado


Why are Democrats wasting so much time and energy fighting the appointment of Republican State Senator Abel Maldonado’s to the Lieutenant Governor’s post?

Actually, you would think they would be jumping at the chance to use the confirmation as a sign that Democrats can rise above the partisan politics that voters are increasingly expressing outrage over. This one should be easy. It would signal that they remember and appreciate the risk the Republican Maldonado took in casting a favorable vote on the State Budget last fall, ending the long and bitter impasse.

True he hasn’t always voted the way Democrats would prefer a Republican vote, but most Republicans don’t like the way Democrats vote either.

Talk about useless partisanship in the state legislature, this failure to vote for a Republican to fill out the term of Lt. Governor is really ridiculous.

Perhaps one of the least powerful offices in the state, the job of Lt. Governor is not one that on its own can bring about a phenomenal shift in the state’s power structure.

The Lt. Governor does not control the expenditure of large sums of funds, nor does it have a large say in state policy issues. Sure, the Lt. Governor does get to act as governor if Schwarzenegger leaves the state, but any action he might take can immediately be rescinded when the governor returns.

So confirm the guy, if only to get the whole thing out of the way while the legislature works on how to balance the state budget.

We understand that it’s easier to carry on over one temporary appointment then to face the music with the state’s taxpayers who are now ready to vote the entire state body out of office. But that is not reason enough to take the focus off of more pressing issues.

You’d think Democrats and Republicans would rather have him safely ensconced in the Lt. Governor’s office than on the Senate floor, never knowing which way he’ll vote.

Confirm Maldonado already and dedicate your time to keeping the state afloat.

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