Archived: Editorial: Carbon Tax Rate Hike For DWP a Bad Idea


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Board of the Department of Water and Power just don’t seem to get it. Not only is the city broke, so are many of its residents and businesses. Walk down almost any street where retail businesses are located, and you will see many empty storefronts and for lease signs.

The mayors’ latest proposal to raise rates for both residents and businesses is a really bad idea. No matter how green he says his proposal is, what we see is more red ink at a time when helping businesses so they generate more jobs and tax revenue, should be the game plan.

The DWP has already “given over” a large amount of its money to LA’s general fund. It has given generous raises to workers, and absorbed the cost of city workers transferred to the department who would have otherwise lost their city job. So tell us, why do they have to raise rates and why does it have to be done now?

Frankly, we’re tired of hearing about carbon footprints, and from those who use them as an excuse to raise fees and taxes. We understand that pollution, especially here in the region, is an ongoing issue. But right now we think the city should be focusing more on more immediate needs, like providing basic services such as police and fire protection, ambulance service, clean parks and oh yes, filling in those pot holes.

Businesses continue to leave the city of Los Angeles because of the high cost of doing business here. When they go, so do jobs the jobs.  We guess they aren’t going fast enough for the mayor.

We urge the City Council to oppose the rate hike and to focus their attention on cutting the city’s budget deficit. While Villaraigosa likes to think of himself as “America’s Greenest Mayor,” a growing number of people only see red where he’s concerned.

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