Archived: EGP’s June 8, 2010 Ballot Recommendations


Eastern Group Publications this week continues our Ballot Recommendations for the June 8, 2010 statewide election:

Proposition 13: Limits on Property Tax Assessment. Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Buildings. Legislative Constitutional Amendment.
This initiative provides that construction to seismically retrofit existing buildings will not trigger reassessment of property value, regardless of the type of building. It changes the way reassessments are applied and allows for a permanent exemption until a property is resold, rather than a 15-year maximum exemption as currently allowed.

Proposition 14: Elections. Increases Right to Participate in Primary Elections.
This initiative’s stated aim is to encourage increased participation in elections for congressional, legislative, and statewide offices by changing the procedure by which candidates are elected in primary elections. It does not change primary elections for President, party committee offices and nonpartisan offices.

It is called an “open primary” because it allows voters to cross party lines to vote for any candidate on a new-cross-over ballot. It allows voters to choose any candidates regardless of the candidate’s or voter’s political party preference. In essence, it eliminates the need for political parties, Democrats, Republicans, Green, Libertarian, etc. to hold a primary to select a candidate to represent its ideology or platform in the General Election.

This proposition would allow candidates to not name a party affiliation or preference, and allow the top two vote getters to face-off in the General Election.

We do not believe that this is in the interest of the voter, or that candidates should be allowed to not name their party affiliation.  Voters have a right to know if they are voting for the party and party platform of their choice.

Previous Ballot Recommendations:
Proposition 15: California Fair Elections Act.
—Vote Yes

Proposition 16: Imposes New Two-Thirds Voter Approval Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers, Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
—Vote Yes

Proposition 17: Allows Auto Insurance Companies to Base Their Prices in Part on a Driver’s History of Continuous Insurance Coverage.
—Vote No

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  1. Aurelio Rodriguez on

    Write in Aurelio Rodriguez for Los Angeles County Supervisor District 1

    1. Will establish an ordinance that no name goes on any birth certificate at the register recorder’s office until DNA evidence show that the alleged father is really the FATHER.
    2. Will establish a child support debit card for each child supporter. With online verification, for both parents
    3. Will enact a 50 cents tax on every 1/8th of medical marijuana sold in Los Angeles County. With half going to reduce a backlog of rape kits & the to support fathers who can’t afford DNA tests.

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