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Re: Did Arizona Start the Reform Ball Rolling? (pub. 4/29/2010)
I appreciated your editorial, especially where you point out that advocates on both sides of the immigration debate refuse to accept anything except winner takes all.  From the view on the right, that may be true for some, but not all.  Not even most. This conservative wants a constructive discussion about how to effectively tackle our immigration issues. Yet, I keep running into that “all or nothing” mentally you mention and, adding to that, racism and xenophobe barbs which further poisons the debate. My concerns are ignored and even demonized. This is what happened in Arizona.  No one outside Arizona gave a second thought to last year’s news stories about skyrocketing drug cartel murders, kidnappings, and brutal human trafficking in their state.  Phoenix became the kidnapping capital of America almost overnight, second only to Mexico City.  Now you are concerned about what is happening in Arizona?  Arizona’s new laws are merely a symptom of the problem. The real problem is that we have not constructively come together to work out effective and lasting solutions to our border and immigration problems. Rather than calling for beating up on our bloodied and distressed sister-state Arizona, can we instead try to mutually hear out our concerns? I am confident that most Arizonans would be open to it.

Gary Thornton
Montebello, CA

Re: Proud Marchers-May Day Immigration Rally (5/3/2010)

I used to live in City Terrace when I was a kid, and my Father owned the Drug Store on the corner of City Terrace Dr. and  Miller Ave. ( Barbanell’s Phcy)  I graduated from Roosevelt High in 1947!!  Don’t try to figure out my age it’s 81.
Still have the same friends that I grew up with in City Terrace!
I was so proud to read about the May Day March on Sat. May 1st. being a peaceful protest.  “How sweet was that!”
For a group of 40,000 to 60,000 to have gathered and march in protest practicing  civil obedience shows that it can be done.
Congratulations to all the marchers.  Keep up the good work!!
“Happy Cinco de Mayo” to one and all!!

Lois Barbanell Eisenberg
Valencia, CA.

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