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May 15, 2010 is Armed Forces Day.  Right now volunteer men and woman are everywhere protecting we civilians here at home. And in honor of the troops who do so much to protect us, hundreds of troop support groups across America ship thousands of care boxes each year to them all over the world.

Over 90 percent of Americans have never served in the military. I am one of them, representative of the rest. And on behalf of all of those they protect, I thank the troops for preserving our liberties, livelihoods, and businesses.

Even though the borders of this country are penned with their blood, and even though we don’t keep our national house in order, they go forth each day to protect it and give us more time. Let’s hope in the end we can all make them as proud of us as we are of them.

Showings of support means a lot to them, and here is an inkling of their gratitude for the bonds between us:
“I wanted to say thank you so much for sending out the care package to my airman. She received the box today and she was literally in tears and could not believe that there are people who cared enough to send her a box. She said she felt like it was Christmas or better because she has not had a Christmas since she was younger. It was great seeing her tell everyone who walked in the office about the box. Again, thank you and your team for taking the time to think of us over here and we truly do appreciate your support!” —SSgt Leticia…

“Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you so very much for the packages we received. We, the 2025th Transportation Company want you to know how appreciative we are for the phone cards, games, magazines, books, music CD’s, DVD’s, toiletries, the food and all the other goodies that were sent to us yesterday.”  Major H… was overwhelmed with the packages that came in and he right away distributed the goodies to all the soldiers. It is a hard road for us over here especially during the holiday season. Being away from our families is really tough but with the goodies and gifts it made everyone feel like getting into the holiday spirit. From the 2025th Transportation Company Family we would like to extend our heartfelt “Thank You” for all of your support. We will always have a place in our heart for you. “Thank you.  —Major Earnest….

Since her inception, America has been unique among nations of the world. We go further to do more good than any other nation on earth. As acts of freedom, not dominion. Which is why so many foreigners want their pictures taken with our troops when they encounter them in transit.

I periodically receive emails from people in other countries pining that they wished their people did for their military community the way Americans do for theirs.

You see, America is a charitable nation, with a majority who believes in the personal responsibility of doing good at the individual level. Hence a voluntary military. And hence the voluntary support for its members from us. Indeed, hundreds of charitable groups have arisen to support the troop’s morale and well-being while they are deployed.

Are there amazing people in this country or what?  You will find these groups listed at www.SupportOurTroops.Org.

So for Armed Force Day this year go out and find an event to participate in.   Or send a care package. Or make a donation. Find the core moral satisfaction in stepping up for those who step up for all of us.

And to all the troops from all of us here at home, I say thank you, and may God bless and keep you safe.

Martin C. Boire is chairman of Support Our Troops’ Armed Forces Day 2010.

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