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America has more than its share of fools. Among them are Republicans who are turning a simple problem of less than four percent of our population who are illegals into a fractious issue splitting the Party and the USA.  Remember abortion?

These people pooh-pooh any outreach to Hispanic voters because they aren’t Republicans so why should Republicans pay attention to them, why?

Any Republican who asks that is brain dead. That includes Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other ignorant media types who in this case manifest total ignorance of critical facts.

Despite their abhorrence of facts, here they are.

In every Presidential election since 1968 in which Hispanic votes and voters have been counted and studied, if 35 percent or more of the Hispanic vote voted Republican, the Republican won. That includes Richard Nixon, twice; Ronald Reagan, twice; George H.W. Bush, once and George W. Bush twice. During this Republican Epoch, only one Democrat denied Republican candidates their normal 35 percent slice of the Hispanic vote.

That was Jimmy Carter. Clinton did also but he only became President courtesy of Ross Perot. Without Perot, Bush would have won easily. Clinton never reached 50 percent of the vote.

So, when Rush Limbaugh makes one of his famously stupid statements like Republicans don’t have a chance to get 50 percent of the Hispanic vote, he displays ignorance beyond belief. Republicans don’t need 50 percent of the Hispanic vote to win the Presidency; they only need 35 percent (that’s seven times the black vote for John McCain who did receive 31 percent).

Despite this history of success in electing Presidents with Hispanic help, there seem to be Republicans like Limbaugh who are intent on running Hispanic Republicans out of the Party like they have done with blacks over the years. 50 percent of blacks voted for Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, less than five for McCain.

Rabid anti-Hispanic Republicans feed the anti-illegal and legal immigrant atmosphere like that of Arizona as they did in California in 1994 when they managed to put Proposition 187 on the ballot. It purported to deny state benefits to illegals. It made the ballot because the California Republican Party shelled out $350,000 for its petition signature gatherers. It did so under direct orders from then Governor Pete Wilson. His advisors deny Wilson’s complicity but the Party would never spend that kind of money without the personal approval of Governor Wilson.

The anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican Prop. 187 sealed Republican fates in California. The Party hasn’t been given anything near a majority vote for any office other than the Special Election win of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Poizner’s multi-million dollar purchase of the minor-league State Insurance Commissioner’s office. According to experts, not a single congressional district – of 54 -in the state has a Republican majority.

Joining these poisonous and bigoted minded 1994 people are the 2010 version. They constantly write this writer with tirades about Republicans blasting me and other Hispanic Republicans and how we are being driven out of the Party.

That may be the intent of these people but I will not surrender and I will not turn my back on the Party I have supported since I was 11 years old and wore an “I Like Ike” button to school in the 7th grade.

I draw the line here and now. I will fight.  I am not alone. Republican voters in Idaho nominated Raul Labrador for Congress and his victory stunned everyone including the nut cases. In New Mexico, Republican voters made political history this primary when they voted for county District Attorney Susanna Martinez for Governor and John Sanchez for Lt. Governor. Never has the state had a Republican ticket of Hispanics for Governor and Lt. Governor. In fact, the Democrats never have either.’

New Mexico, by the way was the second state to have a Hispanic Governor, California was the first. Both were Republicans. California joins the Hispanic Republican uprising this year with Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado.

Next door Nevada nominated Brian Sandoval for Governor, too.

But never have Hispanic Republicans been more prominent than this year, nor any other year, than in Florida where Miami-born Marco Rubio announced for the U.S. Senate when Florida Governor Charlie Crist had a lock on the nomination to succeed Mel Martinez in the Senate.

Rubio’s star power and charisma have passed his political experience with a burst of energy that has driven the Governor from the Party and set Rubio up as a Republican comer that some are already touting for President.

My fight is reinforced by Florida’s Rubio, New Mexico’s Martinez and Sanchez, Idaho’s Labrador, Nevada’s Sandoval and California’s Maldonado. We will not lose this fight.

I might someday be the last Hispanic Republican standing but I will still be fighting as long as I breathe.  Comprende?

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  1. You lost me with the “less than 4% bullshyt. Funny thing, I started out as a Democrat, I became an independent. I have never been so “Republican” leaning in my entire life! I am so sick and tired of my hard earned money going for things I do not use and do not agree with. I am so far removed from the “United States of America” that I say, FINE, let them all in, AS LONG AS i DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE ONE SINGLE CENT OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY GOING TO SUPPORT THEM!!!!! I am SO tired of the FORCED charity to a “cause” I am against. Fuck the U.S.A. in its current condition. Fuck International corperations that run the world. I am going Indi!

  2. “Remember abortion?”
    “other ignorant media types who in this case manifest total ignorance of critical facts.”

    “Forty-two percent of women obtaining abortions have incomes below 100% of the federal poverty level ($10,830 for a single woman with no children). Twenty-seven percent of women obtaining abortions have incomes between 100-199% of the federal poverty level.”

    Maybe if Republicans called out Democrats on the failure of their social programs & the genocide it is inducing by way of abortion in the black & hispanic communities, they will win more hispanic votes. Democrats fight for minorities so much they like the 13 million plus minorities whom have been aborted since Roe v. Wade had been decided.

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