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Eastern Group Publications makes its final endorsements for next Tuesday’s June 8 Primary Statewide Elections. We will not endorse in every race, either because we feel that none of the candidates should receive an endorsement or because some candidates are not facing a challenge within their party.

Proposition E: Los Angeles Unified School District Special Election – Emergency School and Teacher Retention Measure — No Recommendation. Proposición E: Elección Especial del Distrito Escolar de Los Ángeles—Iniciativa de Ley de Emergencia para Escuelas del Vecindario y Retención de Maestros. —Sin recomendación.

To offset severe state budget cuts, promote student achievement in reading, math, science, arts and vocational and education and job training, to reduce teacher and staff layoffs, the district wants to levy a $100 annual education parcel tax ending in four years. No funds will be used for administrative salaries. There are also mandatory audits.

Eastern Group Publications has supported school bonds totaling more than $150 per $100,000 of assessed value for schools in the past and would endorse this measure if we felt a majority of homeowners could afford the added tax. At this time, however, we are concerned about the added financial burden it would place on homeowners already dealing with escalating cost of living expenses and higher government fees. We don’t believe that adding further financial pressure to already stressed family budgets is a wise decision.

EGP therefore leaves this decision up to the voters.

Democratic Nomination for State Governor/Nominación Demócrata para Gobernador del Estado: Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown / Respaldamos a Edmund G. “Jerry Brown.”

Jerry Brown probably has the widest experience in state government than all other candidates. During his first term as governor from 1975-1983, he was able to persuade Democrats and Republicans to slow the growth of government, eliminate capital gains taxes for many small businesses, abolish the state inventory tax, index personal income taxes and create private sector jobs in to the tune of 1.9 million jobs in eight years.

These are all the issues of today in California and we look forward to his being able to do it all again.

Republican Nomination for State Governor/Nominación Republicano para Gobernador del Estado: Meg Whitman/ Respaldamos a Meg Whitman.

While her recent campaign ads may seem to the contrary, Whitman has not limited her campaign to immigrant bashing as her closest opponent for the Republican nomination has. We only hope that she will turn her campaign rhetoric back to a discussion of the issues Californians care most about, and that as governor she could influence; jobs, the economy, education and the state’s financially stressed budget. Her early focus on these issues is what has impressed us.

Whitman is known to be a talented administrator, something our state could use today. In addition, we believe she will be able to get past the political stalemate and not give in to political bullying.

Lieutenant Governor/Subgobernador: No Endorsement/Sin Respaldo.

Republican Party Nomination for State Attorney General/Nominación del partido Republicano para Fiscal General del Estado: Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley/ Respaldamos al Fiscal del Distrito de Los Ángeles Steve Cooley.

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley has experience as a former prosecutor and during his tenure as LA County District Attorney he has piled up a number of death penalty and three-strike convictions, all the while trying to change some of the inequities in the Three-Strike Law.  His public integrity unit, though at times criticized, has also led to the prosecution and resignation of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, bringing about more professional conduct amongst these groups in local county government.

We look forward to Cooley taking on the state’s sleazy mortgage lenders who continue to prey on beleaguered homeowners by fleecing them on higher mortgage payments while setting them up for foreclosures.

Democratic Nomination for State Attorney General /Nominación del partido Demócrata para Fiscal General del Estado: —No Recommendation/ sin recomendación.

Both Karmala Harris and former Los Angeles City Attorney Rock Delgadillo are seasoned attorneys and would make a good Attorney General.

Democratic Nomination for State Insurance Commissioner/ Nominación Demócrata para Comisionado Estatal de Seguros: Hector De La Torre /Respaldamos a Héctor De La Torre.

De La Torre will provide the oversight insurers in California should have. Refusing to accept contributions from insurance companies is a good start for an insurance commissioner.

De La Torre’s record of helping to get rid of government corruption while a member of the South Gate City Council is a good indicator that he won’t be a pushover for insurance companies.

Nonpartisan Nominations for State Superintendent of Public Instruction/ Nominación Independiente para Superintendente Estatal para Instrucción Pública: Gloria Romero / Respaldamos a Gloria Romero.

Our endorsement of Romero is based on our observation of her past performance as a member of the State legislature. We admire her ability to not be coerced by the state’s labor unions such as the prison guards for their lax disciplinary system, and her insisting on sentencing reform. She has also been for the principals of accountability and innovation in President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program, despite attacks from teacher groups.

Romero, who holds a PhD is more than able to navigate the state’s educational bureaucracy and hold her own when it comes to the state’s educational system.

While Larry Aceves’ vast experience in education both as a teacher and superintendent, skills and insight that could come in handy as school districts attempt to reform during tough economic times, we still favor Romero. His platform promising to enhance accountability of teachers, principals and superintendents would go far in reforming our state’s education programs, but we feel Romero may be better able to achieve these goals.

United States House of Representatives/ Cámara de los Representante de EEUU

The following candidates are being endorsed because they have continued to represent their districts well, and for their important and valuable contribution to our state’s seniority in the Congress. They have all demonstrated an understanding of the need to provide adequate federal funding for the state’s important infrastructure, community healthcare, community development and vital veterans services, small business contracting and other funding needs for human and public safety. Vote for/ Vote Para:

District 29—Adam Schiff

District 31—Xavier Becerra

District 32—Judy Chu

District 34—Lucille Roybal-Allard. A word about David Sanchez—who is challenging Roybal-Allard in the 34th District: We wish to commend him for his constant willingness to represent the residents of Los Angeles County, mostly at his own expense, and despite overwhelming odds. He has for years been a true public servant, and voice for the people.

District 38—Grace F. Napolitano

Los Angeles County Government/Gobierno del Condado de Los Ángeles:

Los Angels County Sheriff/ Alguacil del Condado de Los Ángeles: Sheriff Lee Baca; Respaldamos a Sheriff Lee Baca.

Baca has earned our endorsement for his administrative abilities in running a large force of dedicated deputies and administrators. Baca has not lost his compassion to go to battle not only for the members of his department, but also the public they serve. His very public demonstration to the members of his department on the need to conserve funds by going on patrol in a squad car shows his ability to lead by example, not always easy for a person of his rank.

Los Angeles County Supervisor – 1st District/ Supervisor del Condado de Los Ángeles –Primer Distrito: Supervisor Gloria Molina / Respaldamos a Supervisora Gloria Molina.

There are few elected officials with the perseverance, dedication and stand up and be counted attitude of Supervisor Gloria Molina. She is a one-of-a-kind public servant.

Her battle to acquire more beds for the new County + USC General Hospital (which she didn’t win) was right on as the county faced the closures of MLK County Hospital and the loss of its beds, as well as the added load of patients to the County Health Department, who had lost their jobs and insurance coverage. She has been an outspoken advocate for the people in her District, especially Unincorporated East Los Angeles that has no other directly elected official.

Her planning and successful opening of a new East Los Angeles Library and Civic Center has improved services and recreation for East Los Angeles residents. Those are just two of Molina’s latest accomplishments, earning her a hard-to-replace reputation.

Previous Endorsements and Ballot Recommendations Published in EGP Newspapers/ Respaldos y Recomendaciones Publicados Anteriormente en los periódicos de EGP.

EGP Endorsements for the June 8 Primary Election/ Respaldo EGP para la Elección Estatal del 8 de Junio: John Chiang for State Controller/ Contralor del Estado.

EGP Ballot Recommendations/Medidas Recomendadas por EGP:

Proposition 13: Limits on Property Tax Assessment. Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Buildings. Legislative Constitutional Amendment. Proposición 13: Limites Sobre la Tasación de impuestos sobre la Propiedad. Refuerzo Antisísmico de Edificios Existentes. Enmienda Constitucional Legislativa. —VOTE YES/

Proposition 14: Elections. Increases Right to Participate in Primary Elections. Proposición 14: Elecciones. Aumenta Derecho de Participar en Elecciones Primarias. —VOTE NO

Proposition 15: California Fair Elections Act. Proposición 15: Le de California de Elecciones Equitativas. —Vote Yes/

Proposition 16: Imposes New Two-Thirds Voter Approval Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers, Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Proposición 16: Impone Nuevo Requisito de Aprobación de las Dos Terceras Partes de los Votantes de los Proveedores Públicos locales de electricidad. Enmienda Constitucional por Iniciativa. —Vote Yes/

Proposition 17—Allows Auto Insurance Companies to Base Their Prices in Part on a Driver’s History of Continuous Insurance Coverage. Proposición 17: Permite que las compañías de Seguros de Automóviles Basen sus Precios en Parte en los Antecedentes de Cobertura de Seguros de los conductores. Ley por Iniciativa. —Vote No

Proposition 15—California Fair Elections Act. Proposición 15: Ley de California de Elecciones Equitativas. Vote Yes/

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  1. Temporary tax increases are never reversed. Remember the phone tax? They get use to wasting the money and do not want to let it go. Over 70% of revenue for LAUSD go to salaries and not the classrooms. They need to figure out how to work within their budget. The majority of children in LAUSD their parents are renters and they need to figure out how to get money to the classrooms not home owners. No to increased so called temporary taxes, no to increased fees. Stop using education and kids to get more money to mismanage out of tax payers/home owners. Parents and educators must come up with new ideas to properly educate the unappreciative ill mannered students. Every election there is a request to increase taxes for one reason or another and it is time to start properly managing the ridiculous amount of money they are already receiving. We already pay the highest fees and taxes in the country and it is time to say no to yet another increase. Maybe we need to start paying attention to the huge increase in our population that we cannot afford or maintain.

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