Archived: EDITORIAL: America’s Unemployed Need to Retaliate in November


It’s tempting to blame the failure of the Congress to extend unemployment benefits to workers unable to find a job on the Republicans and the one Democratic holdout.
But that’s just too simple.

We are very discouraged that Democrats did not stay in their seats and refuse to leave Washington until they were able to pass an extension for the 1.7 million Americans workers who are about to see their unemployment benefits expire.

It is estimated that 7 million Americans are out of work, usually through no fault of there own. This number does not include those who are underemployed or who have given up looking for work all together.

Democrats staying en masse in their seats to protest the Congress’ failure to pass an extension of unemployment benefits through November, would have sent a powerful message that American workers matter as much —okay who are we kidding— nearly as much as corporate handouts.

If nothing else, it would have provided a much needed dosing of public shame on those who are refusing to vote to extend unemployment benefits to the nearly two million US workers who will soon join millions of other workers who have already been cut off, but who depend on the benefits to feed and house themselves and their families as the economy struggles to recover.

The excuse that extending benefits would make our country’s deficit even worse—face it, it’s bad already—makes little sense when you consider that many of these unemployed workers will wind up losing their homes, vehicles, insurance, and possibly wind up seeking some other form of public assistance that may cost more.

It isn’t as if there are millions of jobs available and the deficit will suddenly disappear if all five million suddenly went to work.

Yes, we must be vigilant when it comes to spending. But that should apply across the board, to Wall Street as well as Main Street,

America’s workers didn’t create the deficit—Wall Street did.

And it isn’t as if workers just aren’t trying to find jobs, there are no jobs.

We really hope our nations workers will remember in November, who threw them under the bus and go out in great numbers and vote accordingly.

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