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Re: Free Music Plays On In Montebello, Published In the August 12, 2010 Issue

There was an error in the article by Anne Donorfiro-Holter in which she glowingly describes how the PXP oil company’s real estate entity, Cook-HIll Properties has funded four summer concerts in the Montebello City Park during which they can advertise their proposed project. The writer fails to report accurately that the official city schedule makes a distinction between the first four concerts and the last one. The City itself is listed as the entity putting on this concert by the Wise Guys on August 26.  There will be no advertising in the band shell although as during the first four concerts,  freedom of speech and information is of course, allowed and exercised on the surrounding public park property. Please make a correction in a future edition to help avoid confusion.

Margot Eiser, Montebello resident and voter