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2010 Hispanic Election bad news first: California Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado lost his office to a flake from San Francisco. In Arizona, my namesake, Republican Jan Contreras lost her congressional race to longtime incumbent Democrat Ed Pastor.

Now the good news for Hispanic Republicans and Hispanics in general:

Eureka! Oorah! Rapture! Like the proverbial tin can, Hispanic Republicans kicked Democrats around and out of office.

Leading the parade of victors is Marco Rubio in Florida who ran a governor out of the campaign for the U.S. senate, then stomped into office; his friend David Rivera won his congressional seat. It was my pleasure to have brought them to San Diego to raise money for their successful campaigns. Rubio might just be a 45-year-old Presidential Republican nominee when Obama is forced from office by the Constitution in 2016.

Then there are potential vice-presidential candidates in newly elected Hispanic Republican governors – Brian Sandoval in Nevada and Susanna Martinez in New Mexico.

The Hispanic Republican Congressional Caucus has new members starting with Jaime Herrera knocking off a Democrat incumbent in Washington State. Next door, Raul Labrador came out of nowhere and defeated a Democrat incumbent. In Texas, two Hispanic Republicans, Bill Flores and Francisco “Quico” Canseco overwhelmed two longtime entrenched incumbent Democrats and won their seats for the first time in Texas history for Republicans.


So much for taking Hispanics for granted by America’s Left’s formal voice, the Democratic Party.

Was it good candidates or the economy or both? It was both.

Take Labrador in Idaho who, much to everyone’s surprise, defeated a favored establishment Republican in the Primary. In fact, it was weeks before national congressional Republicans even talked to him. Moreover, the incumbent Democrat was a National Rifle Association backed Blue Dog Democrat who voted with Republicans more often than not. Didn’t matter, Labrador easily won the seat, even though two months ago no one thought he could.

The Marco Rubio story in Florida is well known so it would be redundant to repeat it here. What is new, however, is talk of him being a future Republican candidate for president. Assuming he won’t run in 2012, unless tapped for the Vice-President spot, he can devote himself to his job as a U.S. Senator, while setting up for a run in 20016 when the Presidency will be open.

Imagine a Marco Rubio vs. Hillary Clinton race. Oorah!

In Texas, Republicans Bill Flores and Francisco Canseco (not the baseball player) took out two longtime Democrat congressional incumbents by embarrassing margins. These victories, along with redistricting under Republicans, may make Texas congressional Democrats extinct.


The Democratic Congressional delegation shrunk while Hispanic Republicans gained strength. And, while no Hispanic Democrat has ever been seriously considered for President – other than allegedly corrupt New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson – Presidential talk will follow Marco Rubio everywhere he goes.

Hispanic Republicans in Congress and a myriad of offices throughout the country are the only antidote to the white-wing hatred of Mexicans that runs rampant among Republican Congressmen like Texas’ Congressman Lamar Smith and Iowa’s Steve King.

They must step forward with reasonable alternatives to nutcase scenarios like those attempting to gut the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, the Republican Party’s greatest achievement. They must make themselves heard in the councils of the Republican Party and they must be forceful about it.

Hispanic Republicans are the only potential saviors of the national Republican Party. No matter who the Democrat is, he or she cannot win unless they carry two of the big three states, Florida, Texas and California. My California is a lost cause, but Hispanic Republicans are dragging the entire Republican Party with them into the 21st Century in Texas and Florida and, thus, perhaps, in the entire country.

Keep this in mind, Jaime Herrera won her seat against a Democrat incumbent in a Washington district where there are few Hispanics and which is hundreds of miles from the Yakima Valley, which abounds with Mexican residents who grow and pick apples.

Keep in mind that Hispanics are only about 12 percent in Nevada where Brian Sandoval stomped Rory Reid for governor. Keep in mind that Bill Flores tore up longtime Democrat power broker Chet Edwards in a district with few Hispanics while his colleague Canseco defeated a Democrat incumbent in a heavily Democratic and Hispanic district in San Antonio.

November 2, 2010 was a good day for all Hispanics, but especially for Hispanic Republicans.


Contreras is a political columnist whose books –drug cartel novel, “JUNIORS,” “A Hispanic View: White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) Racism & Hatred of Mexicans…” “A Hispanic View: The 2008 Presidential Campaign & Candidate Barack Obama,” “A Hispanic View: Hollywood, Berkas and Abayas,”and “The State of Arizona vs. The United States of America” are available at Amazon’s Kindle Books

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  1. Contreras could put a happy face on suicide. Fact is the gop is full steam ahead in studying the retraction of citizenship for his border jumpin Mexicans because they f-up Anglo-American society. Read the Fresno Bee this week about the cost.

  2. Hispanics voted for democrats on a 2 – 1 margin. Where are you getting your information from. In maryland republicans lost by over 15 percentage points because of the hispanic vote. In Nevada, Hispanics voted for Reid in record numbers. In california both senate and govenor’s seat were won by democrats by record numbers after millions were given to the candidates by big businesses to put republican’s in there. This was due to hispanics voting in record numbers for dems. Florida always goes republican. That is where the old white people go to live after retirement. There is also a large cuban population that is from the wealthy group cuba. Your information is dead wrong.

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