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We all know that numbers don’t lie. Dependent upon the situation, that can be a good thing or bad thing.

If your sugar levels are over 300, that’s a bad thing and you’re in a severe diabetic state that needs medical attention. Having a Grade Point Average (GPA) over 4.0, that’s something we all can praise and live with.

But when your state representatives earn a 12 percent approval rating, as noted in a recent field poll, that’s something we all need to be concerned with.

Even with such a low rating, many were voted back into the California State Legislature this November. So who is to blame? Do we expect different results from the same group that year-after-year earns less trust from us?

What we get from a governing body with such a dismal review are late budgets that wreak havoc with our state’s credit rating, nonsense legislation and individuals who care more for career than communities.

While the legislature has just matched the same approval rating as ousted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, right before his removal from office, we will have to wait until next election to show our real disappointment or approval – or we can demand more of them by being active participants in the political process, checking what our local representatives are engaged in and being a part of, not apart from, our Democracy.

My uncle used to tell me that 74.3 percent of all percentages are made up. How I wish that were true in this case.

Other things 12 percent gets us:

·     The total number of white students that dropout of school each year in California
·     The current unemployment rate in California (12.4%)
·     What the state collects in “other” revenues each year
·     The proposed increase to high education in the 2010-2011 state budget
·     A sale that just covers tax on a holiday present
·     The alcohol per volume that the caffeine from energy drinks produces

Richard Garcia is a resident of Montebello, CA

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