Archived: EDITORIAL: Don’t Forsake the Present In Hope of a Better Tomorrow


There’s been a strange lack of discussion about the president’s State of the Union address.

Ordinarily we are overwhelmed with e-mails and calls from people wanting to opine about the president’s words.
Not this time.

We’re not sure why, but speculate that it may be that it has all been heard before.

Perhaps some of the more regular and vigorous discourse was halted due to the scolding the country got over its lack of civility in its political discussions.

It is not always very pleasant when people strongly disagree. Overtime, however, passions over a single issue or topic usually subside as the debate wears itself out or one side gives in. That’s the nature of political debate.

By our observation, our nitpicking pales in comparison to what goes on in other countries where it is not uncommon for political debates to deteriorate into elected officials choking or throwing chairs at one another. In England, the head honcho has to stand between the two ruling parties and take questions and insults from the opposition party or both.

So you’ll have to pardon us if we don’t object to occasional loud and perhaps impolite debates or refusals to cooperate when one party (you know which) wants to turn our Social Security system over to the casino-mentality on Wall Street.

Or when our elected representatives say to forget about those manufacturing jobs that went out of the country, and tell us that we should instead just focus on retooling for the new economy of the future, despite the fact that many are jobless and hungry today.

And, what’s wrong with wanting our citizens to have the health care that will keep our nation strong and healthy? So many of the issues can still be worked out with legislation and program details.

Our government needs to help develop jobs and that will cost money. But if we don’t invest the money, and we don’t mean just for tax cuts in the hopes that some of it will eventually trickle down, we will eventually have to spend it on welfare and other help for unemployed workers and their families.

As for increasing funds for education, we’re all for it. We have to give our young people the skills they will need to be productive members of society, and to support themselves and their families.

There is no doubt that we live in a changing world. With it must come a changed attitude about how we move forward. Government jobs and the benefits that go with them, including pensions, must be reviewed and reformed so the rest of us can someday retire too.

We must invest in our old and failing infrastructure, which will create jobs, jobs, and more jobs if done right.  Not to mention the added benefit of keeping our cars from breaking down due to pothole damage.

The president’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday was meant to inspire a vision for a new era of American ingenuity and progress. While that’s a lofty goal, we must take care not to forsake the needs of the present in search of a dream for tomorrow.

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