Archived: EDITORIAL: Gardena High Shooting Was No Accident


The shooting of two students, one critically, at Gardena High School is being called an accident.
While there may have been no intention to fire off the gun or to shoot the two students, this was no accident.

When someone carries a loaded gun, there is always the potential for a tragedy to occur. Some are speculating that the 17-year-old who brought the loaded gun to school did so for protection. We do not claim to know his motive, but we do strongly believe there is no excuse for what happened at Gardena High School on Tuesday,

There is plenty of blame to go around. The student, of course. The person the student got the gun from, and possibly the youth’s parents or guardian, who may have not recognized or ignored that their near-adult child was acting out.

School officials at Gardena High are also to blame. While there is no guarantee that a random search of students on Tuesday would have discovered the gun that injured two innocent bystanders, there is also no proof that it would not have been successful.

Why any LAUSD school administrator would disregard a safety precaution such as this, or any safety precaution for that matter, is beyond us.

There is just no excuse for school officials failing to carry out mandated random checks of students and their belongings. Their failure to adhere to safety precautions should not be tolerated, or explained away.

While recent crime reports show that crime is down, the reality is we still live in dangerous times, and guns are available in every sector of society.

We believe that if students know that they could be randomly checked at any time, they might think twice before bringing a loaded gun onto school property.

There are reasons these precautions are set in place, but judging by the excuses school administrators are giving out, there needs to be a verification process for insuring they are doing their job.

It may be human nature to become relaxed and allow certain rules to fall by the wayside when nothing happens for a long period of time, but with today’s proliferation of guns there is a need to remain vigilant at all schools, and not just the so-called “dangerous ones.”

It only takes a moment, or forgetting one time, for tragedy to strike.

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  1. i think it was an accident and i dont think he should go to jail its not like he took it out and shoot it at some one no one knows why he had the gun it could have been for protection

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