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This San Diego Union/Tribune Feb. 3rd headline stunned readers while shocking many who live, breathe and worship at the altars of bigotry, racism and ignorance.

Besides being the home of the world’s largest naval base, the San Diego Chargers, MLB’s Padres and the world’s best Zoo, San Diego is home to 1.37 million people. It is the country’s 8th largest city; San Diego County is the country’s 5th largest. Both are the most populous city and county on the American border with Mexico and/or Canada.

Adjacent to San Diego’s city limits is Mexico’s 6th largest city, Tijuana, which suffers the ignominy of being Mexico’s murder and drug smuggling western capitol second to Ciudad Juarez on the Rio Grande border with Texas.

This San Diego/Tijuana metropolitan area of over 5 million people is the largest cross-border metro area in the world. The 24-lane vehicle border crossing between the two cities is the most heavily traveled border crossing in the world. 50,000 Tijuana residents (Mexican Green Carders and American citizens) cross the border every day to work in the U.S. Some Americans and Japanese cross into Mexico everyday to work, as well.

Without doubt, then, this cross-border metro area with a combined GDP larger than most countries in the world has much experience with cross-border relations, integrated work forces, immigrants of all sorts, legal and illegal, and crime.

Here enters what Rush Limbaugh defines as “info-babes.” He defined “info-babes” as attractive young inexperienced women on television news who read news copy written by others off of tele-prompters.

Are most of these “info-babes” like most Americans?

The other night on the Fox News Channel, substitute show host Laura Ingraham had Washington Examiner writer Sara A. Carter as a guest. They joined the daily barrage of faux news about Mexico and the Mexican border vocalized by Fox’s rising star, Megyn Kelly.

Both Ingraham and Kelly are lawyers by education. Sara Carter has written her way from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin in California to the Moonie-owned Washington Times and now the Washington Examiner.

The subject:  Border crime and violence perpetrated mostly (in their view) by illegal aliens from Mexico). They posit that border violence by Mexican nationals is running amok.

Carter became hysterical over the killing of a Border Patrol agent a month ago in Arizona. She carried on and on about this shooting. She railed that six Mexican nationals were in custody for the shooting. Wrong! None of these men have been charged with the shooting.

Why haven’t they been charged with the shooting, why only immigration charges? Neither lawyers Ingraham or Kelly have asked why. Nor has the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) briefed the press about its investigation.

Theory: Was the Border Patrol agent shot by a fellow American? Friendly fire or intentional murder? Certainly, ballistics tests are finished by now by the FBI. If one of the Mexicans shot the agent we would know it by now.

The killing of a fed is important, but is it more important than the killing of a nine-year-old Mexican girl, her father and the wounding of the mother who survived the shooting in Arizona? Or who did the shooting?

It was white virulent anti-illegal alien Minutemen associated with Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist.

The importance is tripled here because the three Mexicans were innocent, unarmed people living in a state heavily populated by people like their assailants. Did these three info-babes mention the current trials of these alleged murderers or the dead Mexicans, a nine–year-old child included? No.

On the subject of San Diego’s dropping crime rate, lawyer Ingraham dismissed the plunge, even though at least 10 percent of San Diego’s residents are suspected of being illegally in the USA.

Wrong. These info-babes are unaware that the City of San Diego experienced ONLY 29 murders in 2010; a number that came from the Regional Government (SANDAG) and FBI, not the mayor. Real reporters know; they also know that Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey each suffered hundreds of murders while San Diego experienced only 29.

The public is ill-served by attractive info-babes that are not real journalists. Rather than report facts, they promulgate hysterical broadsides against Mexico and Mexicans, legal or illegal, as if Mexicans are a biblical plague.

A recent study of American high school seniors concluded half (50%) could not find Canada or Mexico on an unmarked map of North America. One wonders if Sara Carter, Megyn Kelly and Laura Ingraham were part of that 50%.

As for border violence, Carter, Kelly and Ingraham fan hysteria and paranoia but the reality is that their hysteria is based on wild imaginations and suspect personal views that are based on something other than facts. They ignore the killings of innocent Mexicans…purposefully?

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