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Not only is the Los Angeles Unified School District, LAUSD in the midst of reorganizing low-achieving schools, it must also select the groups that will run the new schools that will open this fall.

The school district is also facing a huge budget deficit due to state funding cuts. The impact to schools — fewer teachers, fewer days in the classroom, loss of school support workers and systems — are sure to be contentious.

Special care must be taken to not use tough financial times as an excuse to circumvent the progress of school reform underway in the district. The retirement of Yolie Flores in District 5 should not delay those reforms, or set them on another path. Flores has championed an end to the status quo at all levels, even when it was met with strong resistance. Her replacement must be willing to the same.

EGP endorses Luis Sanchez for LAUSD School Board District 5.

Sanchez has displayed a real understanding of the issues now in discussion regarding the district. As a long time education reform advocate, he has walked the walk and talked the talk of civic engagement in the reform process.

He is well aware of the need to reduce the huge dropout numbers in District 5 schools, and like us believes that there is a need to increase parents participation in their children’s education.

Concern have been raised about his ability to differentiate himself and his votes from his current boss, school board president Monica Garcia, the mayor or even the community groups he has long been aligned with when the need arises.

Sanchez says he is an independent person who intends to follow his own mind and not others on the board.

He says he is willing to call for greater review of charter school management, student achievement at those schools and when necessary revoke the charters of  schools with persistently low performance records. He is also in favor of a process to evaluate teacher performance.

We feel that John Fernandez, one of two other candidates in the district, has been badly treated by his former union friends, but we do not accept his there are no bad teachers, just bad administrators point of view. Many of his other campaign points we put in the been-there-done-that category.  The use of old fear bating rhetoric, such as charter schools depriving LAUSD students of quality education, holds no sway with us, nor should it with voters.

We believe that Luis Sanchez is the best

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  1. Just when you think corporate LAUSD hopeful Luis Sanchez couldn’t be more unscrupulous and scandalous, he surprises with ever more deplorable acts of ignominy. Here are FIVE articles explaining why LAUSD District 5 voters should REJECT the unethical and unprincipled corporate candidate Luiz Sanchez

  2. Ramon Medina on

    Sr Luis Sanchez soy un residente de la city of maywood y megustaria ablar con usted sobre el projecto de la escuela NO 8. Si fuera tan amable de ablarme usted o algien de su oficina al 323 833-2301 selo boy agradeser mucho.

    gracias Ramon Medina

  3. Jon. P, East Los on

    I had a very different experience – I had a local parent that worked with Sanchez in organizing come to my home and talked to me directly. The parent had worked with Sanchez in organizing for schools to provide all students with a college curriculum. She was very committed and I was impressed by her knowledge of the issues. It seems like Sanchez is very accessible and connected to the community’s voice. I hope he wins.

  4. I just got a call from his campaign but when I asked the woman on the phone to clarify things – like what exactly he wants to do – she said she did not know. Then she admitted she was calling from outside of California but would not tell me where she was calling from. All she knew was what was on her computer screen. She would not tell me who she was working for either.

    I have gotten campaign calls from Rudy Martinez for City Council and when I had questions, I was forwarded to more knowledgeable volunteers and eventually I got a call back from Rudy Martinez himself. They were locals who actually knew the candidate. In this Sanchez call I could have been talking to a phone bank in India for all I knew.

    This makes me wonder what kind of money is backing Sanchez has and why these people want to spend money to control our school district.

  5. The teachers union only cares about the union, and will do anything to block cuts to teachers pay, responsibility or accountability. we need a new union that represents the good teachers.

    Its time to get rid of tenure and to force teachers to keep their jobs by doing a good job. That’s how it works in the real world.

    Parents need to get off their behinds and start making sure their kids go to school and learn English.

    I just hope Sanchez is not just another lacky who thinks everyone is a victim.

    If the kids don’t want to behave or perform, kick them out.
    And not everyone wants to go or should go to college- my plumber makes more than my son who has a BS from UCLA.

  6. UTLA Members, If you want change in this election, vote for Warren Fletcher for UTLA President, Ana Valencia for NEA Vice President, Juan Ramirez for Elementary Vice President, Scott Johnson for Treasurer, and David Lyell for UTLA Secretary. Fighting for your pay, fighting for your benefits, protecting your job, and protecting your retirement. For more information, Thank you for your consideration. David

    The information herein represents the views and opinions of the candidate and does not necessarily represent or reflect the opinions of UTLA.
    Paid for by the Committee to Elect David Lyell

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