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Re: Growing a Spirit For Service Through Cesar Chavez
I remember Cesar well. My father and uncle (David Ramirez) worked along side with him!! My father Augustine Ramirez Jr…helped Cesar when I was a young girl.

I was lucky and I went to private school as for my father he only had 8th grade education…when my dad worked with Cesar he made signs that I had to help him with as he couldn’t spell well. Through Cesar and my dad I was taught many valuable lessons on money and life!! I’m grateful today for those lessons taught to a once spoiled selfish girl, ME.

Those lessons I have instilled in my own children…even had my son which became spoiled by blessings in life to pick strawberries at 5am then go to school a lesson that some kids were not as lucky as he was and to be grateful for all he had!!! What an eye opener to him!! He’s now a well-adjusted man and I’m proud of his generosity to others.

I’m thankful to Cesar who became a wonderful friend to my dad, and thankful to my father for the wonderful lessons he taught me!!!

Viva la Raza…and to the FWA!!!

—Kristine Ramirez