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Re: Conservancy Praises Opposition to Wyvernwood Demolition (4/7/2011)
Wyvernwood Project is something that Boyle Heights desperately needs to balance the quality of life and to open doors for business to come in. The concerns of the project is the density that it will bring to already crowded conditions of schools, government services, shortage of water, and open space. The other opposition … is the height of the buildings that would tower over a small community, taking away the view of downtown and our historical beautiful bridges over LA River.  This project would require zoning changes that the community would not want and would not allow… It will open the door to other developers to also start building up, creating more density…
—Terry Marquez, Boyle Heights resident

Re: ‘Cash Poor’ Montebello on Verge of Bankruptcy (3/31/2011)
Its funny too see so many funds missing when they are gloating around, parading around their renovation project that landed Montebello an Award for improving its main pipeline on Whittier Blvd. It seems as if every person on that council should revisit their political, personal, and ethical views to see if their place on the council is truly fit for them.
Better yet check their bank accounts and see how they’ve managed to balance those checkbooks, maybe we can find some of those 2 million dollars missing.
—Concerned in Montebello (Comment

Re: Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council In Danger of Being Decertified, (3/31/2011)
What is interesting is the old board when Robert Jimenez was president for a couple of years had to make quorum with a lot more members and did many times. They had a huge list of accomplishments and people attended their meetings. They were dedicated and took their role representing the community seriously. This board has become too political and they really don’t’ care about Boyle Heights. Not one can point to any accomplishments they’ve made and a lot of their money has gone to Councilman Jose Huizar’s events. Some members who attended last week had missed at least 5 meetings and should be forced to resign to give people who want to help the chance to do so.
—Robert (Comment

Are you serious? The board under Robert Jimenez met quorum only twice in 2007. Not certain what it was before then. The problem here is that no one–and I mean no one–respects the leadership of Jose Aguilar… with him at the helm, things are far worse–much worse…
—Mario (

Thanks for a non-biased report in stating the facts accurately and correctly. As a current board member we definitely will fight to keep our certification and to assist the community.
—Vera del Pozo (Comment @

I am appalled as a member of the council that BongHwan Kim, general Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE), has not provided this community technical assistant, training that members may need to achieve a Quorum,
Also, it is no secret that we face difficult economic times and membership may be forced to choose work or the meeting care for their family members or the meeting.
The General manager BongHwan Kim should be open to technical support I thought this is a partnership. I would ask our Mayor to provide direction.
the general mangers BongHwan Kim quick fix is not technically correct as he stated ‘”department is required by law to submit a recommendation for decertification to the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners if a board fails to make quorum on a consistent basis”
—Susanna Arellano (Comment @

Re: Freeway Signs Now Point to Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument, (published
Thank you for bringing attention all Armenians will appreciate your efforts.
—Shahe Bezdjian (Comment @

Re: Sweeping Reform Coming to Highland Park School, (3/24/2011)

While I agree there needs to be a better mechanism for addressing under-performing teachers, clearly that’s not the only problem here. The problem is a (mostly) uninvolved group of parents, too many unmotivated under-achieving kids who make it difficult for the high-achievers among them to learn, and teachers with low, low, low expectations.
What’s the participation rate in the PTA at this school? Is there even a PTA? …What has the administration at Burbank done to incentive those involved parents to enroll their kids? Do they even want to deal with involved parents, or are they happy to maintain the status quo?
—An Ony Mouse (Comment @

That is not true. The incompetent principals do nothing about the poor performing teachers. Blame the administrations for not doing their job.
—Sam James (Comment @

Re: Open Letter to the Editor regarding Attack on Giants’ Fan
… The lack of coverage by the Latino media has been shameful. I am not sure if you attend Dodger games or not…  My personal experience at Dodger Stadium has always been trouble free. However, the behavior that I have witnessed there is just unbelievable… Dodger Stadium has become for many a place to go to show others with your similar tribal traits just how primitive you are. Of course the way you dress is always enough to make “fans” uncomfortable.
Don’t you think it’s time that we/you address what civil responsibility is. Urinating in public, littering, catcalls, throwing missiles and certainly brutalizing an opponent’s fan at a game is not good for anyone.
You should address how important it is to project a positive image for our family and for wonderful city Los Angeles.
Dodger Stadium has and will continue be a family first sporting venue if we insist.
—Ramiro Puentes

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