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Archived: Luis Sanchez Still Has Our ‘Vote’ On May 17

We are reaffirming our endorsement of Luis Sanchez in the March Primary for District 5 of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Sanchez is competing for the seat currently held by Yoli Flores, who decided to not seek another term: a loss to us all.

We are convinced that Sanchez will continue Flores’ efforts to push school reform and put an end to the status quo that mired the LAUSD in mediocre educational reforms that did little to bring about meaningful change at many of the District schools.

We have confidence that Sanchez will be able to be a more independent voice on the Board than his opponent, Bennett Kayser.

Sanchez has said that he believes there is a great need to increase parent participation in their children’s education, he is right.

Ultimately, no matter who is in the Board, if more parents do not begin to see the importance of their involvement in their child’s education, large-scale progress and improvement will be difficult to achieve. It is not up to teachers alone.  It is our hope that greater parent involvement will stop the tide of school dropouts, in the 5th district and all across LAUSD.

In our view, Sanchez’s participation at the grassroots of parent involvement makes him the candidate best suited to continue the effort to build on Flores’ efforts to engage parents in the reforms that need to take place in the LAUSD.

EGP understands that change is often difficult to live through, is it our feeling that with Luis Sanchez, and the other reform minded members on the Board, we will begin to see higher success rates among the District’s students.

So, while few Angelenos may have to go out and vote next Tuesday, there are still a number of voters in the city who have important votes to cast. We urge them all, as tiring as it may seem, to go out and vote on May 17.