Archived: First E-Verify, Then a National ID Card


States like Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and others are passing laws requiring the use of the federal E-Verify program to check out the legal status of new workers. They won’t stop there.

The National Identification Cards will look like the California drivers license. It is a plastic card, with color picture, magnetic information strip and holograms. It will be tamper proof, by decree of Governor (fill in the name of your Governor here).

Any peace officer will be empowered to demand it and to determine if it is counterfeit or not. If a valid card is not produced on demand, the perpetrator can be jailed for six months, fined $10,000 and deported from the United States.

Every employer must ask for the card before a job application can be made. No card, no work. Every bank clerk opening a new account for a customer must see and verify the card, before an account can be opened. No card, no account.

When wheeled into a hospital emergency room, the card must be presented before a torn off arm can be sewn back, or a gushing artery can be tied off, or an operation performed to relieve the brain of a crushed skull.

When a child is enrolled in kindergarten, the child’s I.D. card must be presented and verified, as would his or her parents. No card, no school. All school information, grades and disciplinary action will be encoded on the magnetic strip for future reference by teachers, employers and peace officers.

The card must be presented to the San Diego Charger (New York Giants, Detroit Lions, and all NFL, baseball, basketball and soccer teams) ticket office when buying tickets to games because the respective state legislatures passed laws that only US citizens could attend events at publicly financed stadiums and arenas.

The card must be presented to go to the San Diego and Bronx Zoos (and all others) because the various city councils passed laws that only US citizens can go to the zoo because they’re on public property, so the card must be presented.

The card must be presented to buy gasoline for cars because the respective state legislatures passed laws that only US citizens can use public roads, so no one can buy gas, or car insurance, or a car, in fact, until they produce the card.

The card must be presented to landlords before a rental agreement can be entered into because the house or apartment is on a public street and is protected by the police and fire departments, both, of course funded by public money. No card… no place to live!

The card must be presented to purchase stamps and postal services from the United States Postal Service because it is owned by the citizens of the United States and cannot be used by people not properly ID’d.
The card must be presented to buy television sets, radios and, because the airwaves are owned by the people and cannot be used by people not properly ID’d.

The card must be presented at restaurants because sales taxes must be paid on all take-out food, including Big Macs. The legislature has decided that no one can pay sales taxes unless they are US citizens.

The card must be presented to private doctors before treatment because the legislature has proscribed medical treatment for people without the card because the state licenses doctors, dentists and chiropractors.

The card must be issued at birth and updated every year, with old information stored in state computers for future reference. It can be issued only to people born in the United States whose mother was born in the United States and who, herself, was born to a mother born in the United States. The legislature chose a modified Israeli method of determining citizenship.

The legislature decided to impose the National Identification Card after a Los Angeles Times Poll concluded that 86 percent of surveyed Californians described illegal immigration as a major or moderate problem. 43 percent of respondents declared that there were no benefits to the US from any immigration. 70 percent declared that they couldn’t tell an illegal immigrant from a legal one. 43 percent said that they were not bothered by the possibility of discrimination against all immigrants. 32 percent singled out Latinos as problem makers.

60 percent declared there should be a national identification card. So the card was legislated with substantial public approval. The tamper proof card went into effect on January 1st at 12:01 a.m.

The first counterfeit tamper proof card was sold for a hundred dollars at 12:02 a.m.

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