Archived: EDITORIAL: There They Go Again: Playing Chicken


Americans who receive government benefits are frightened they may not receive their Social Security checks or other government checks due them in the fall because of the failure by House Legislators to raise the national debt limit.

Like many across the country, we wonder what the president and congress will finally do to end the impasse, so strident in its tone on both sides of the aisle,  and seemingly with no where to go.

We have been here before, thought in our view much to often in recent years, so we are sure they will come up with a plan that will pass both Democrat and Republican approval, and you can bet it will be a plan that won’t lay blame on either side.

Of course the congress will play this game of chicken to raise or not raise taxes or cut or not cut benefits until the last possible moment, probably on a late Friday afternoon so they can escape from the scene of the crime.

And while Americans on social security, in the military, on Medicaid or other government subsidy programs will breath a sigh of relief, the rest of us will be holding our breath as we hope, perhaps foolishly, that the congress and the president haven’t created a greater mess in our futures.

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