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Schools will be starting in the next two weeks, and according to information from district teachers, most of them will spend more than $300 this year for supplies not covered in their school budgets.

Now, with all the cut backs due to a shortage of state and district revenue, budgets at our local schools will be tighter than ever.

We don’t believe that parents, local residents or business owners want children to go without the supplies students and teachers need.

We also understand that many parents are unemployed or working fewer hours, leaving them with budget shortages of their own. That being said, we want to urge everyone who can contribute to his or her local school, do just that.

While you may not be able to cover the full $300 your child’s teacher puts out, there’s a good chance you can afford to buy an extra binder, pack of paper, or an extra box of crayons, pencils, a glue stick, a pack of stickers or a box of tissues.

Art supplies are always in high demand, so think about buying construction paper, chalk and holiday supplies. We saw a lot of those items on the shelves of local under a dollar discount stores.
And, for the vast majority of parents, and others in the community for that matter, making a $1 contribution toward your local schools’ emergency fund, if they even have one, should create no hardship whatsoever. If they don’t have an emergency fund, help get one started.

Local businesses, whose budgets can stretch just a little, should also think about pitching in by contributing a ream of copy paper or a cartridge toner, a basketball, soccer ball or volleyball, or more if you can.

If we all pitch in, our local school budgets can go a lot further.

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