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As a voter in each election of unincorporated East Los Angeles County, I want to inform our voters and homeowners in East Los Angeles that the movement to convert East Los Angeles into a city is still active. On previous occasions this movement has failed with the resounding no vote of voters who have said no to the idea of making East Los Angeles an independent city.

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… Allowing East Los Angeles to become a city is not a good practice of democratic citizenship because it has the potential to create an experimental arena for political corruption as has occurred in the infamous City of Bell. East Los Angeles doesn’t want to replicate the case of the City of Bell!

Separately, as a country we are confronting an era of imminent terrorism and insecurity and our community of East Los Angeles needs to remain safe. If East Los Angeles becomes a city, it would have to subcontract with the same Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and California Highway Patrol that watch over our roads and highways. Similarly, this eminent city would have to subcontract enforcement agencies for traffic control and animal control. Furthermore, the potential city would have to be responsible for maintaining the streets, transportation routes, parks and recreation centers, waste and solid waste management, land use through zoning codes and building permits, and promotion of economic development—to only mention a few services.

And the most ironic is that it is precisely in our own East Los Angeles that we have the official headquarters of the California Highway Patrol, East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department. These entities are already providing high quality service to East Los Angeles under the jurisdiction and leadership of Supervisor Gloria Molina.

Definitively, with the current economic situation and the eminent threat of terrorism and insecurity, it’s not a suitable time to seek to confuse our predominately Latino electorate with the idea of East Los Angeles becoming a city.

There is no reason and rationale to pay attention to certain special interest groups and career politicians that only look out for their salaries and seek to make themselves the first Mayor of East Los Angeles. Many businesses and homeowners are willing to fight to stop this plan of political ambition and experimentation.

East Los Angeles deserves the best, not a failed political experiment. Future voters at the polls say No to becoming a community with less and precarious services, on top of the imposition of higher property taxes that come from being a city. Looking at the sidewalks and main corridors of unincorporated East Los Angeles is enough to compare the quality of service to the City of Los Angeles. …That’s why we voters and homeowners and businesses should not put East Los Angeles in danger! Don’t let East Los Angeles become a city!

Martha Jimenez

East Los Angeles voter

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  1. Thank you Martha for providing this interesting piece of op-ed fiction. Please use correct information. The official headquarters for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is 4700 Ramona Blvd. Monterey Park, CA 91754 and the official headquarters for the California Highway Patrol is located in Sacramento. The California Highway Patrol has and East Los Angeles area office in Monterey Park, 1601 Corporate Center Drive, Monterey Park 91754-2020.

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