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Archived: Republican Rank and File Has Lost Its Voice

The U.S. House of Representatives and Senate have finally approved an agreement to taise the country’s debt limit. It is a deal they could have arrived at weeks ago.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona) managed to make it to the floor to cast her vote which saved the house the embarrassment of applauding themselves for a job badly done, since it seems the thunderous applause was all for Giffords, who returned for the first time since being badly wounded during a shooting rampage in January.

The Democrats and their president finally confronted the reality that the Republican majority would rather stick to their “No New Taxes” mantra than keep the country from defaulting on its debts.

What we don’t understand are the Republican rank and file who didn’t so much as make a peep about the party’s extreme right’s determined stance to save the richest one percent of the largest corporations and individuals from paying even a small increase in taxes for the good of the nation.

It’s as if the party’s rank and file don’t realize that the inability to pay unemployment compensation, social security benefits and other payments to people who depend on government benefits would also impact some of their fellow Republicans.

Does the unemployment roll not include Republicans?

Are there no Republicans on Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare?

It’s very sad to see the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt high jacked by an extreme and uncompromising group of diehards.