Archived: EDITORIAL: The Quest for Freedom Takes Great Bravery


Today begins the celebration of Mexico’s Independence, the 201st anniversary of the event that would lead to the country’s freedom from Spain.

The fight for freedom is never easy, as we are witnessing in the rebellions  taking place today against oppressive rulers in the Middle East.

The yearning for freedom from oppressive governance will never end as long as there are those whose quest for power over their fellow human beings thwart’s their right to self-determination and democratic rule.

The price of freedom can never be underestimated, for it’s true toll is measured in lives lost, and not just monetary costs. At least it should be.

It takes great courage to stand up and fight for freedom, especially against a better armed and financed opponent. But bravery is a mighty weapon, with its own special power in the fight for freedom, even in the face of certain death, or the loss of the most meager possessions.

Overwhelming odds like those faced by the Mexican freedom fighters did not stop their effort to rid themselves of foreign rule, and on Sept. 16, 1810, a priest in a small Mexican village cried out to the townspeople to bravely join the revolt that was about to begin, and would one day gain them their independence.

That cry still echoes today in the hearts and minds of people everywhere, including here in the U.S., who feel their elected and unelected leaders and heads of government and holders of capital have failed them.

That cry is what we celebrate tonight, along with the bravery of the people who fight on, despite their difficult circumstances.

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