Archived: EDITORIAL: Let Thanks ‘Occupy’ Our Celebrations Today


This is certainly a year for families to gather and give thanks for any and all blessings they have received throughout the year.
It’s at times like these, when the economy is bad — and yes, it is still bad for a large number of Americans — that we should all try for one day to put aside our worries and concerns about what we don’t have, and be grateful for what we do have, most importantly, the special people who are a part of our life.

To have so many Americans jobless, homeless, or living in tent cities to call attention to the vast and growing disparity between the rich and poor in this country is something we hope will not continue in the years ahead.

And while many political pundits and others choose to disparage the “Occupy” movement by calling the participants crazies, losers, and lazy, we say they are not the problem in our society, they are representative of the “99%” in the country whose problems and needs seem to be invisible to either the government or the 1% at the top of the economic ladder.

“Go to Work” is a remark often hurled at the protesters, but how do you go to work if there are no jobs, and you don’t have a telephone or permanent address where you can be reached? Or a place to bathe and wash clothes to be presentable for a job interview?

While there is no doubt that the Occupy movement has reached a turning point as to where it can go from here, their biggest accomplishment so far should not be marginalized: Like no other group or scholarly study in recent times, it has focused the nation’s attention on the problems of poverty and inequality in this country.

So today, those of us lucky enough to be able to gather for a Thanksgiving meal should say a prayer for those not able to do the same.

And be thankful for those who are willing to stand up for those unable to stand up for themselves.

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