Archived: EDITORIAL: Miramonte School Scandal Demands Greater Transparency at LAUSD


The sordid news coming out of Miramonte Elementary School in the Florence area has not only shocked us, it has also angered us. That any school employee could for so long engage, undeterred, in the abuse of young students, can only be seen as a sad reflection of the lackadaisical supervision of teachers by administrators at the school.

In light of recent revelations that more than one parent had brought the teacher’s “questionable” behavior to the attention of school officials, it is unimaginable that the teacher was not under the constant watchful eye of those same administrators.

The Los Angeles Unified School District, LAUSD, has a huge number of administrators, far greater than other school districts in the state and nation, yet it seems to be unable to find enough of them to ensure that mandated procedures, such as the reporting of complaints of sexual contact between a teacher and a student. Where was everyone?

Now the school district has shown an even greater disdain for the parents of Miramonte by the heavy handed way district police were allowed to treat them, intimidate them, search them, and refuse their request to allow the media to go into the meeting with them.

We appreciate Superintendent Deasy’s decision to act quickly and forcefully in this case, as a way to show parents and students that they take the safety of students seriously.

But for too long, true transparency has not been the district’s forte. That needs to change, what is there to hide? Hasn’t much of the information already been made public?

This newspaper has always been supportive of the LAUSD, its Board of Education, teachers, administrators and for the most part UTLA, but we are surprised that there has been complete silence and few apologies to the public — which pays dearly for the schools, the students and parents — for their combined failure to act on behalf of their innocent charges.

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  1. LAUSD discourages teachers from expressing concerns by labeling them trouble -makers when they do. By sending the Miramontes teachers on administrative leave, the District is silencing voices and tarring teachers with the stigma of suspicion. No one at LAUSD would dare post a message like this and hope to remain employed. They simply “separate” you or do not renew your contract under some excuse.

  2. No wonder the school system fails to teach kids….Learning is based in respect and trust…..and our fabulously expensive L.A. school system engenders precious little either of these qualities….Plus the police and sheriffs departments apparently invoking, ‘national security’ type gags, (cover-ups), preventing the parents from being made aware of these threats to their children’s safety, has become typical of the way ‘our’ “police state” departments operate. Fronted of course by their slick mealymouthed mouthpieces like the sheriff’s department Steve Whitmore, who.has all the believability of Richard Nixon and I have never heard admit that his ‘boys’ were ever wrong. At least Superintendent Deasy has some believability, (unlike his predecessor), but if he doesn’t step up and fight for the parents right to know, he will become another failure in a long string of people living off our taxes and joining the ‘elitists,’ who think they know “what’s best for us” proletarians.

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