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Re: Too Many Biased View Point in Editorials
Each Thursday morning, I find myself enjoying reading the news articles found in my Commerce Comet, but the biggest complaint that I do have is that your editorials are usually one sided and offer little to no editorial opinions with a different view point.
Particularly the recent editorial on driver licenses for undocumented immigrants was one sided and could be considered bias to any reader. Just voicing my opinion.

Hector Lopez
City of Commerce

Re: Sobering Up Boyle Heights: Group Pushes for Control of Alcohol In the Neighborhood (pub. March 23, 2012).
It is a shame that local politicians continue to speak out of the both sides of their mouths. In public many will say the politically correct words while they seek another action out of the other side of their mouth. For years many in our culture blamed one race for the wrongs committed and now it is our very own that permits these conditions to exist. Although I am in favor of replacing bad politicians, it seems that the replacements will fall in line with past behaviors and commit the same acts. I wish there was a simple solution to an age-old problem. Thank you EGP for coverage of this matter as it seems only local journalists will cover matters that affect our beautiful community which is plagued with problems created by those thinking about themselves before others.

Mike Arellano
Los Angeles

Re: State Legislators Not Doing Their Job
Our California leaders are on the verge of blowing it, and our children are going to pay the price. The current budget proposal depends on revenue generated from a not-yet-passed November initiative — but even Kindergartners know the school year starts months before that. Our schools can’t pay for teachers and programs with money they don’t have and might never get.
I am asking our legislature to do their job and create a balanced budget with no cuts to education. California is falling drastically behind in every educational measure for student success including: dropout rates, test scores, funding per pupil, and teacher-student ratios. If our education system continues its demise we may never recover. I implore our state leaders to make our children and the future of our state a priority again.
We are counting you to make our voices heard please help to get the word out to save our children’s future!

Joanna Venezky
Los Angeles, 90066

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