Archived: EDITORIAL: A Bad Accident Waiting to Happen


Any driver who has driven past the intersection of North Figueroa and Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock has probably gritted their teeth while trying to maneuver around or over the pothole and uneven intersection, hoping to make it across safely.

We worry that on some rainy day or night a driver will lose control of their vehicle as they try to traverse the rain drenched intersection, and hit another vehicle, causing someone to be injured or killed.

As if this intersection isn’t bad enough, the stretch of Colorado Boulevard from Figueroa to the Pasadena border is an incomprehensible. As Angelenos, we can’t help but feel humiliated by the poor conditions of the road as we cross over to Pasadena where the road is suddenly smooth and in good repair.

For years, a line of traffic cones along Colorado have served as the city’s warning to drivers that they are entering a hazardous area, riddled with pot holes and uneven pavement.

The city recently did what it seems to do best these days, throw a little something at the problem and hope it fixes things.

City workers sort of filled in three or four of the potholes, but largely left the area unimproved, and still dangerous. It almost appeared like asphalt left over from another job was scattered willy-nilly over the area, which serves as a thoroughfare for traffic to and from the 134 Freeway.

Colorado Boulevard is just one of an endless list of city streets in similar disrepair, each posing a potentially life threatening hazard, not to mention a disincentive to any business thinking about relocating to the city.

The city says it has no money and its budget for street maintenance is dwindling every day, but this band aid approach to fixing city streets is not working, and getting costlier everyday as the deterioration becomes more pervasive.

We would suggest that in this case Northeast Los Angeles residents take up a collection to pay for the repairs, but we doubt they could afford the cost of city permit to do so.

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