Archived: EDITORIAL: May Day: A Good Lead Up to Cinco de Mayo


This year, the annual May Day/International Workers’ Day observances, with their usual protest marches and demonstrations, seem a fitting lead up to Cinco de Mayo, the celebration of the Battle of Puebla, a battle that at the time must have seemed a hopeless undertaking.

After all, what chance did an outnumbered band of poorly armed men have against the best-trained army of Europe?

This week, many Americans, some for the first time — and of all races, ethnicities, working class, working poor, those robbed of their equity in their homes, foreclosed on or devalued, the homeless, the hungry, veterans, and the mentally ill — joined in the May 1st protests taking place across the country, and right here in our own backyard.

They were there to demonstrate their frustration for what they feel is our elected officials’, our government’s backing of corporate and financial industry interests at the cost, and to the detriment of many average citizens.

The protesters who braved the streets of Los Angeles are not alone in their frustration; they represent the view of many, many more who like them feel they no longer have a say, or influence over their government.

While some consider the protesters to be a nuisance or inconvenient, or unfocused about their message, by joining together to exercise their Second Amendment rights, for the most part peacefully, they are sending a loud message that the people have a right to be heard.

Unfortunately, there will always be those whose sole purpose for joining the marches is to create havoc and disrupt others as they exercise their rights. They foolishly think that their small numbers can win a battle against superior numbers of better-armed police.

But unlike the valiant defenders of Puebla, their mission is not noble, so victory will not be theirs. Instead, victory will belong to those who continue to fight for the people trying to escape the tyranny of a few, and achieve equality for all.

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