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Proposition 14 ‘Top Two’ Voting Change Takes Place in June
As a result of Proposition 14 that was approved by voters in 2010 and went into effect in 2011, party affiliation no longer applies in the primary elections for Congressional and state candidates, namely the U.S. Senate and Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, and the Statewide Constitutional Offices (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Controller and Board of Equalization). Voters can now vote for a candidate outside of their party, and once shutout undeclared voters can now vote in the primary election.

Voters can still only vote for one candidate, with the difference being that the top candidate from each party will no longer automatically face off in the general election. Now, the top two vote getters overall will move on to the general election, which may result in candidates from the same party going up going against each other in the general election or run-off.

Vote Obama for President
While it may seem there is little reason to vote in this year’s Presidential Primary, given that both the Republican and Democratic nominees seems a foregone conclusion —Barack Obama is still the Democrat’s choice and Mitt Romney has tied up the Republication nomination — we nonetheless believe it is still important to cast a vote in the race on June 5, and for this newspaper to make an endorsement.

Barack Obama had our endorsement last time around, and we believe he deserves another term. While we disagree with the president on many issues, and have watched in disappointment his handling of some of the country’s issues, including the financial industry debacle, we nonetheless want him to stick around and complete one of the most important efforts he has taken on: health care reform. It is time that for all American to have access to comprehensive and affordable health care that cannot be cancelled.
Nothing should be more important to a country than the welfare of its people, and that includes health care.

We do not buy into the argument of the president’s opponents that universal health care is a socialist idea, especially given that Social Security and Medicare are for all intents and purposes social programs. We think a majority of Americans would object to doing away with those programs.

Yes, the system is sure to have some flaws, but so does our current system, which leaves millions uninsured, and without access to health care unless it’s in one of our already overcrowded emergency rooms.

For that reason alone, we say vote for Barack Obama.

Diana Feinstein for US Senator
Diane Feinstein is one of the most respected members of the U.S. Senate, not to mention one of it highest ranking members. She has shown an unflinching dedication both to the needs of Californians, and the nation a whole.

More than ever, Americans are coming to the realization that we need leaders who have common sense, and who are willing to reach across the aisle to work with the other party. Feinstein has supported common sense fixes to our immigration issues, and our health care problems. Therefore, she has our endorsement.

United States Representatives
Judy Chu for the 27th District.
Dr. Chu serves on the House Education and Labor Committee, and House Judiciary Committee, and is a member of the House Small Business Committee. Chu has consistently backed positions that are important to Californian workers, while still pushing an agenda to help small businesses recover for the ongoing tough economy. She deserves your vote.

Grace Napolitano for the 32nd District. Napolitano continues to be a leader on water issues that are so important to our state. She has been a vocal defender of the need for more mental health services for our youth, and services for our veterans, and has earned our endorsement.

Xavier Beccera in 34th District. Not only is Becerra one of the highest ranking Latino in Congress, he is also one of the highest ranking members from California. Given the current economy and political fighting on the Hill, his seniority status is important to California’s access to service and federal funds. He also consistently supports efforts to bring about immigration reform, access to comprehensive health care, and programs to help small business owners. We recommend a vote for Becerra,

Lucille Roybal-Allard in the 40th District.
Community activist David Sanchez should be commended for his years of work in the local community, as well as his valiant attempt to win the seat long held by Roybal-Allard. We believe, however, that Roybal-Allard has done an exemplary job of representing her constituents and has worked hard to make sure that federal resources flow back to our community. Her seniority is an asset to all of us, especially during these time of political polarization. We endorse Roybal-Allard.

California State Senate
Ricardo Lara in District 33.
Lara is running unopposed, but still earns our endorsement.

California State Assembly
Edwin Chau in the 49th District.
For years we have watched Chau serve as a thoughtful member of the Montebello Unified School District. He has supported sensible management of the district, while still promoting best practices for student achievement. We believe he will bring this same sensibility to the assembly, and he therefore has our endorsement.

Arturo Chavez in the 51st District. While we think that Luis Lopez has some excellent qualities and ideas about health care, in our view Arturo Chavez is better versed and prepared to deal with the full spectrum of issues facing constituents in this district. There will be no on the job training period for Chavez, who has a wealth of experience on legislative issues. Chavez impressed us with the depth of his knowledge on issues from transportation, to jobs, to healthcare and education. And as a former business owner, he understands that government doesn’t always have the answers, and can be a detriment to a business’ survival.  Vote for Chavez.

John Perez in the 53rd District. For the most part, Assembly Speaker John Perez’s term in office has been good for California. We do not agree with him on every issue, particularly when it comes to some of his proposals to raise taxes, but we do agree in theory that the state’s middle class wage earners need more support when it comes to education. Perez receives our endorsement for another term in Sacramento.

Los Angeles County District Attorney
Carmen Trutanich is our choice for County District Attorney.
As Los Angeles City Attorney, Trutanich has shown that he not only understands the problems of residents on the city’s west side, but has made an effort to have a meaningful presence on the eastside at well. He appears to be open to discuss with constituents and stakeholders how prosecutor assignments should be made, and the investigative priorities for his office. We are not talking about pandering to the whims of the public, but about the need to set priorities in a time of limited resources. Vote for Trutanich.

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  1. Seriously suggest you look around and ask yourself if thing are going up or in the dumper. I have never read a more misguided letter. Barack Obama is a socialist/Marxist.

    Feinstein is an anti Second Amendment Zealot and a globalist. Wake up before you become one of their serfs. Jim Campbell, Irvine, CA.

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