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Yes on Proposition 39—Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses, Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding: Most states tax multistate companies on the percent of sales the business does in their state. But not California, which instead allows multistate corporations to pay taxes according to one of the two state formulas that is most advantageous to them. This makes no sense to us. All corporations, whether entirely based in the state or not, should be taxed based on the sales they do in the state. Analysts estimate that the current system has resulted in a $1 billion loss in revenue to the state. Additionally, California is left with collecting less tax that it otherwise would. It is also estimated that the added tax revenue from changing the tax code could generate as many as 40,000 jobs.

We understand why multistate companies don’t’ want to pay their fair share of taxes to the state; what we don’t understand is why any voter would vote against this proposal. Vote Yes on Prop 39.

Yes on Proposition 40—Redistricting. State Senate Districts. Referendum: This measure is to approve the state district lines the State Citizens Redistricting Commission has submitted for voter approval. The commission held hearing throughout the state to listen to districting plans submitted by a diverse number of groups. Since the voters approved the formation of the redistricting commission to eliminate as much gerrymandering a possible by the legislature, we believe we must now follow through and approve their recommendations.  Vote Yes on Prop 40.

Previous EGP Ballot Recommendations:

Vote Yes on Proposition 30: Temporary increase on sales tax and income taxes on higher income Californians. While this measure is sure to hurt some of the people most in need of relief, without it programs that support some of our neediest residents are in danger of even more harmful cuts.

Vote No on Proposition 31: Well intentioned but poorly written budget reform. The proposition aims to make changes to the state budgeting process and give local municipalities greater control and flexibility when it comes to state mandated regulations, but it has too many problem areas for us to recommend its passage.

No Recommendation on Proposition 32: Pay Check deductions for political causes. Passage would make it impossible for deductions to be made from an employee’s paycheck for political reasons without their approval.

Vote No on Proposition 33: Don’t let auto insurers have another tool to raise rates. The proposition is yet another ploy by the auto insurance industry to find new ways to raise rates. Don’t believe the ads that claims good drivers will get a discount on the insurance rate, the real intent to increase the rates on new drivers or drivers that have for any number of reasons gone for a time without auto insurance.

Vote Yes on Proposition 34: Drop the Death Penalty. It’s time to end the very expensive charade that California is a state with a death penalty. Millions of dollars are spent on court and other costs related to convicts challenging their death sentence for years. Sentencing the to life in prison without the possibility of parole will formalize the reality of what we are already doing.

Vote Yes on Proposition 35: Harsher penalties for people convicted of human trafficking. Human traffickers prey on the most vulnerable in our community, and should be labeled for what they are, sexual predators.

Vote Yes On Proposition 36: Change Three Strikes Law. Voters never intended for the three strikes law to send someone convicted of a minor, non-violent crime to 25 years to life in prison. Voting yes will make it so only those convicted of a serious or violent crime receives the harsher penalty.

Vote Yes on Proposition 37: Label Our Foods. While the law is not perfect and holds some exemptions that we do not understand, it is time to start letting people know what is going into their food.

No on Proposition 38: Higher Income taxes to pay for Education. Funding education is a priority for everyone, but this measure is not the right solution.

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