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Obama for President

Eastern Group Publications endorses the reelection of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden.

After all the noise and bitterness of the campaign, we are convinced that President Obama is the person best suited for the task of rebuilding America’s middle class. Jobs are now being created in growing numbers and his pledge to help bring jobs back to America is the best hope American jobless workers have.

There is finally hope that the country’s medically uninsured can finally receive the medical care they need, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions, and people under 26 years of age can now stay on their parents’ medical policies. Medicare we believe is safe as is Social Security with a Democrat as president, since it was a Democrat President who pushed through legislation for Social Security and Medicare.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney has failed to earn our confidence because of his practice of changing or manipulating his platform throughout the primary and general election campaigns.

Probably one of the most important tasks a U.S. President will have to decide on will be the appointment of two or perhaps three new Supreme Court justices. We feel that there needs to be more balance on the Court that in recent years has moved far to the right in matters of corporate responsibility and workers and woman’s rights. We believe Obama’s appointments will be more centrists. And while were disappointed that the president did not push for comprehensive immigration reform during his first term in office, we believe he will work to get it done in the next term.

Lastly, lest we forget, Osama bin Laden is dead, al-Qaeda is disorganized and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are coming to a long and expensive end.

United States Senator

Our endorsement goes to Senator Diane Feinstein, a senior member of the US Senate, and easily one of its most respected and influential members of the senate.

We have not always agreed with the Senator on issues, such as some of her past proposals on immigration reform, or sending US troops to Iraq, but we can think of only a few other members of the Senate with her stature and leadership.

U.S. House of Representatives

27th District: Judy Chu— Supports Health Care Legislation, immigration reform—the DREAM Act, her seniority is a plus for California.

32nd District: Grace Napolitano—has wide experience on water issues, small business advocate, supported DREAM Act, proponent of immigration reform, member of the House with a lot of seniority.

34th District: Xavier Becerra—a senior Democrat on powerful committees who has experience on financial institution regulation, supports affordable healthcare, and is well respected as a non-nonsense politician by his constituents.

38th District: Linda T. Sanchez—a hardworking representative whose views on Social Security, Medicare, Affordable Healthcare and other services we agree on. A senior democrat whose seniority California cannot afford to lose.

40th District: Lucille Roybal-Allard—a consensus builder whose work to pass the DREAM Act, comprehensive immigration reform, affordable health care, and whose seniority has allowed her to bring back to her district federal funding for many local projects.

State Senate

33rd District: Ricardo Lara—running unopposed—Mr. Lara has been engaged with the communities he represents, therefore we join those supporting his re-election.

State Assembly

49th District: Edwin P. Chau—Mr. Chau has impressed us with his work on the Montebello School Board. His strong support of school programs among them Garfield High School, with his personal funds has gained our support.

51st District: Jimmy Gomez—a strong advocate for affordable health care, Gomez has impressed us with his wide knowledge of this district’s needs, beyond healthcare, such as in transportation, education and the needs of small business, has earned our support.

53rd District: John A. Perez—as Speaker of the Assembly, Perez, despite being a Democrat, has been able to push for some of the difficult cuts needed in the state budget. At the same time, he is supportive of affordable health care; adequate school funding. He has earned our support.

58th District: Christina Garcia—A local activist not afraid to voice her opinions on local issues. We look forward to seeing what she can accomplish at a higher level in the Assembly.

County of Los Angeles

Yes on Measure J– To advance Los Angeles County’s traffic relief by accelerating light rail/subway construction within five years. Measure seeks to extend the one half sales tax approved by voters under Measure R for another 30 years, with independent audits. Approving this measure now will save county taxpayers money in the long run, since interest rates on the money are likely to be substantially lower than they will be in future years. By borrowing now, the County can accelerate the transportation projects already identified and in some cases underway. It should be noted, however, that we are seriously concerned about opponents claims that Metro officials have refused to meet with those opposed to some of the projects proposed, or their efforts to seek assurances that accelerating projects will not lead to impacted communities having no say in how those projects impacts are mitigated in their neighborhoods. Giving permission to buy bonds using taxpayers dollars is not as one opponent said “a blank check” to allow Metro authorities to do whatever they want, and we urge Metro and the elected officials who make up the Metro Board, to be responsive, open and engaged with the communities they

represent, even when their views differ. That being said, we believe that rail projects are part of the traffic solution for the region, and should become part of a transportation plan that includes bus service and gets riders where they need to go in the fastest, least expensive way possible. Today, that’s not always the case, and that needs to be fixed. There is no denying that if Metro fails to sell bonds for transportation enhancements at today’s affordable interest rates, someday we will have to finish the job at a greater cost.  Vote Yes on Measure J.

No on Measure A–Only advisory, this measure asks voters if they are in favor of making the County Assessor an appointed rather than elected position. While current County Assessor John Noguez and two of his staff are alleged to have accepted campaign contributions in return for lowering taxes on some expensive Westside properties, some thing

no other assessor has been accused of, voters do not need to hand the position over to county elected officials, giving them even more power than they already have.

City of Los Angeles

No on Measure B– This measure would require producers of adult films to obtain a county health permit and require performers in adult films to use condoms while engaged in sex acts, to provide proof of attending a training course on blood-borne-pathogen … Violators would be subject to fines and criminal charges. Our health inspectors and police officers have enough crime to worry about and don’t need the added work of policing the wearing of condoms by sex film actors.

Earlier EGP Ballot Recommendations:

—Vote Yes on Proposition 30: A temporary increase in sales tax and income taxes on higher income Californians.

—Vote No on Proposition 31: Well intentioned but poorly written budget reform.

—No Recommendation on Proposition 32: Pay Check deductions for political causes.

—Vote No on Proposition 33: Don’t let auto insurers have another tool to raise rates.

—Vote Yes on Proposition 34: It’s time to drop the death penalty.

—Vote Yes on Proposition 35: Harsher penalties for people convicted of human trafficking.

—Vote Yes On Proposition 36: Change the Three Strikes Law so the third strike only applies to violent or serious crimes.

—Vote Yes on Proposition 37: A step toward better labeling of foods.

—No on Proposition 38: Higher Income taxes to pay for education.

—Yes on Proposition 39: Change the tax code that allows multi-state corporations to get away with not paying their fair share of state taxes.

—Yes on Proposition 40: Voters approved turning over redistricting of political boundaries to a Citizens Commission, their maps should be upheld.

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  1. So EGP calls it wrong in not 1, but 2 elections this year in the 51st District? Way to be consistent in overlooking local leader Luis Lopez, a Democrat who has shown he actually knows a few things about transportation and planning, healthcare, education and supporting local business and job creation in our district here. Plus he is not bought by special interests, like so many others.
    Endorsement for Arturo Chavez from late May was hugely influential, he ended in 3rd. didn’t even mention Gomez. Wow, he came out of nowhere! Best “news” for Gomez that all his dirty money can buy.

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